The method of reusing content that I am about to share with you is ideal if you are making vlogs, podcasts or long-format videos minimum 20 minutes. The principle is the same as when you cut out a finished live broadcast. The goal is to get 2 or 3 short videos , ranging from barely 1 minute micro-content to 5 minutes and then repost them on all the social platforms on which you are present Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Twitter IGTV Youtube Etc. You know that the content that works best on ALL social networks has one thing in common it is consumed easily and quickly. Logically, a short quote or video that’s just under a minute is more likely to be consumed in its entirety than a 20-minute video. That’s why I wanted to share this strategy with you.

Again, I’ll give you the example of Gary Vaynerchuk because that’s what he does all the time. He takes very short excerpts from his daily vlogs and then republishes them everywhere on social networks. What is interesting in his method is that he adds his logo on his videos, a progress bar below the video his goal is to create a very short and impactful video and a call to the action at the Hong Kong Phone Number List end of the video leave a comment, share, etc.. Gary Vaynerchuk explains that these little videos make up a big part of the 80 to 100 pieces of content he posts on social media every day! Recently, I also discovered that Stan Leloup applied the same method for his podcasts through a YouTube channel entirely devoted to extracts from podcasts he recorded.


What is interesting in his method

Each video is short maximum 10 minutes, has a catchy title, and is SEO optimized. We see that this YouTube channel already has more than 4000 subscribers and each video has been viewed several hundred times. I also saw that he was promoting each of the videos from his YouTube channel on Facebook and LinkedIn to give them more visibility. It’s interesting when you know that this method of reusing content is fully delegated and systematized internally. 6 Update or extend an existing blog post So far, I’ve shown you how to repurpose your content on social media. But, that’s not the only way to reuse your content. Far from there. If you’re writing blog posts for Google Search Engine Optimization SEO, you’re going to love this latest way to repurpose your content.

Before I tell you about it, let me ask you a question . Say you are writing an article about the 7 Best Job Listing Sites. This article is a hit and quickly finds itself in the first results of the 1st page of Google, like this article on my blog. Every year you keep updating this article Add new sites Eliminate sites that are obsolete Update links Update multimedia content images, videos, etc. Will this article stay positioned in the first results of the 1st page of Google? Very probably ! Of course, competitors will try to do the same as you, but over time your article will get more backlinks than your competitor’s articles. In other words, it will be very difficult to dislodge yourself from the top spots in Google.

Every year you keep updating this article

What to remember A blog post is never dead and buried! SEO experts will all tell you that an evergreen article which never goes out of style is the holy grail. Such an article goes through the ages and should only be updated and or extended once or twice a year Google loves fresh and regularly updated content. Personally, I spend more and more time updating and expanding my blog posts. Usually, I update articles that lose positions on Google or naturally waste away over time. For example, I update my article on digital marketing trends every year . For this article, I’m adding new trends and removing those that aren’t. I add new images, I rework the text, I share the results of new studies, etc.

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