It took me just 15 minutes, time to cut out the video, write a title and description to accompany the video! On LinkedIn, the video was seen a lot more than on Facebook, but that was already a year ago. I am far from being the only one to reuse my live broadcasts. Eurosport also does this with its weekly broadcasts. During their shows, they generally discuss 3 or 4 hot topics on the transfer window. Once the show is over, they split the video into several video clips of 2 or 3 minutes. Like me, they take care to write a catchy title so that the video is seen more. Of course, this is also a task that you can easily delegate to someone on your team 5 Cut a long video podcast into mini-clips and repost them on social platforms.

Having such a library of templates at your disposal really makes the difference if you are not a specialist in creating landing pages yes, it’s a real job in itself!. Plus, you can view any template and see which one you like the most before signing up to Spain WhatsApp Number List LeadPages. How much does LeadPages cost? The first plan starts at just $ 25 per month paid annually, which is very affordable for such comprehensive software. Alternatives Unbounce , WordPress , Instapage . 10 Hellobar Do you like pop-ups like this . Or the floating bars like the one you see on my site? On computers, they are less disturbing than on mobile. Usually, users are not big fans of pop-ups. And yet, web marketers like me love them! This is because they remain, even today, effective in collecting email addresses or promoting offers.

The difference if you are not a specialist

People who follow you won’t even notice that you are reusing your own content and will have that feeling that you are always producing new content 1 Repost a blog post or part of it on LinkedIn or Medium With respectively more than 500 million users and 60 million active users each month , LinkedIn and Medium are platforms where life is good. The competition is not as big as on Facebook and Instagram. Above all, the users who go there are professionals who are eager to learn. If you write educational blog posts like this one yourself, you have to repost them on these 2 platforms. Medium allows you to post articles very easily. This is ideal if you don’t have a website and want to build an audience. LinkedIn also allows this with LinkedIn Publishing. Don’t worry about duplicate content.

Reuse existing content or article and turn it into an animated video that is made from images, mini-clips and text. In addition, it is an understandable video without the sound. Ideal for social networks. My current content strategy includes creating an animated video every week from content I’ve written or read on the web! These videos are often popular, especially on LinkedIn. When it comes to creating videos like this, there are plenty of possibilities. First there is Animoto which offers very good value for money the software costs around 15 € month and you can make animated videos with ten different styles! The advantage of software like Animoto is that it is very easy to use. Even if you don’t have any video editing skills, you will be able to make animated videos that are professional.

The competition is not as big as on Facebook

You give Facebook a few dollars to deliver it to an audience after the show is over. The problem is, you have to pay for this extra visibility. Fortunately, you can otherwise reuse a completed live broadcast. It’s even free. The solution, you guessed it, is to grab the video and cut it into multiple pieces . You can very easily download a Facebook video from such a site and then edit it with free software like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. The important thing, of course, is to create video clips of 2 to 10 minutes on a very specific topic being discussed live. For example, when I invited Joseph Donyo on Live Facebook, Joseph gave listeners 4 tips for optimizing a Facebook advertising campaign . I found it interesting. So a few weeks later, I uploaded the video, grabbed that part, and reposted it on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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