We then rationalize our words by communicating what we are doing. In doing so, we are addressing the neocortex, the part of our brain that deals with information processing reasoning and understanding. It is the one we use to justify our purchasing decisions. When you sell the Why ie. your raison d’être, you sell your brand and not your product. Consumers seduced by your message Why are then likely to buy several and not just one, which makes them more loyal. You now understand why we usually buy several Apple products Mac, iPhone, iPad, etc. and not just one. Key takeaway Do like Apple, sell the Why. Start by selling why you do what you do, then explain how you do it and what makes you different from others, and finish by describing what you do. 4 tell stories Apple loves you to tell stories.

SEO experts will all tell you that an evergreen article which never goes out of style is the holy grail. Such an article goes through the ages and should only be updated and or extended once or twice a year Google loves Iran Phone Number List fresh and regularly updated content. Personally, I spend more and more time updating and expanding my blog posts. Usually, I update articles that lose positions on Google or naturally waste away over time. For example, I update my article on digital marketing trends every year . For this article, I’m adding new trends and removing those that aren’t. I add new images, I rework the text, I share the results of new studies, etc.


What to remember A blog post is never dead and buried!

This campaign is really great because, above all, it’s fun. But that’s not all … The discussions between the 2 men are really easy to understand. For example, to show that PCs are affected by viruses, one of the video spots shows the man the PC sick and with a cold. How about the Apple website? The first thing I notice when I visit Apple’s website is the immense amount of white space. There is often very little text and a lot of pictures, the descriptions are short and rarely contain technical jargon. For your landing pages , white space is very important. If there is not enough, you risk straining the user’s eye. And that, Apple understood it well! On the iPad Air sales page , Apple’s goal is to show that everyone can benefit from Apple’s advanced iPad technologies.

Besides, 1GB of storage is a bit abstract. Most people don’t even know how many songs you can put in a 1GB and neither do I!. Granted, it might have been better than the competition, but the consumer doesn’t care. The consumer is primarily interested in him and Apple told him how his technology would change his life. Does Apple still use these types of messages today? Sure ! And its website is the most glaring example. Every page of his site, every title and every description subtly communicates the benefits of his products. It didn’t take me long to find you a concrete example. I just went a little further down the iPad Air sales page and found the perfect example.

What makes it so easy?

Easy to use and user-friendly How Do you want to buy one? Apple does just the opposite and begins with the Why. Here’s what his marketing message looks like, as described by Simon Sinek In everything we do, we challenge the status quo. We believe in what we do and in a different way of thinking Why How do we challenge the status quo? We challenge it by creating products with a beautiful design, easy to use and user-friendly. How We have the chance to make beautiful computers, do you want to buy one? What And if you think this is just an unproven theory, Simon Sinek rightly explains that by starting your post with the Why and the How, you are directly addressing the part of the brain related to decision making. and our behaviors the limbic system, at the center of emotional decisions.

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