Neil Patel , an American marketer, paid the price! In total, he invested $ 400,000 in Facebook advertising to gain fans on his Facebook Page. His Facebook page now has over 900,000 fans. At first, his efforts paid off. The natural organic reach of their page has increased significantly. Neil explains that he generated 240,000 visitors to his website just by posting his articles on his Facebook page. Source neilpatel The rest of the curve To use Neil’s words Facebook fans and likes end up losing value with the constant changes in Facebook’s algorithm. Basically, the more fans he had on his Page, the more organic reach of his posts decreased . Having 900,000 fans was less valuable than having 100,000! Bottom Line.

If you really want to increase your fan base, avoid buying fans and focus on the interactions you already have with your community. If you’re interested, I’ve shared in this article all of the strategies I used to Bolivia WhatsApp Number List get my first 1000 Facebook fans . A year later, I still use these strategies except that there are 4 times more people who follow my Facebook Page 3 the content you post is of poor quality It’s almost obvious . and yet we still see poor quality content on social media. This will quickly change in the coming years. There was a time when social media pushed all kinds of content, good or bad, so you could spend more time. Today, users are more selective.

The More Fans He Had On His Page

They no longer want to waste time reading a shoddy article or watching a video that says the same thing as the neighbor’s. In 2019, there is simply. content posted on these platforms and only the best content is more visible. What is good content? It is content that inspires, educates or entertains. Such content in return collects reactions, comments and shares. And bad content, what does it look like? It is content that does not add value and or is not relevant to the target audience. In other words, it’s content that your audience hasn’t bothered to like, comment on, or share. Fortunately, you can easily identify quality content that you’ve already posted to your accounts to post new, similar content.

For example, by analyzing the statistics of your Facebook Page , you can very easily observe which content liked and which did not like your audience by analyzing the engagement rate. Facebook also shows you the performance by type of content posted Video Picture Link More often than not, you’ll notice that videos garner high engagement rates , but posts with a nice image and a catchy description can work really well, too. This information offered by Facebook and Instagram is very valuable, but marketers tend to ignore it. I think it is because this information is free. They are therefore given less credit. If you don’t often post content on social media, or if you still have few fans , I would recommend observing the content posted by your competitors or using a tool like Buzzsumo to identify what is popular now on social networks.

This Article All Of The Strategies

For example, if I had to post some really unique content on personal branding , be it a video or a series of Instagram Stories , I would first go to Buzzsumo to observe the 3 articles that received the most shares on the networks. social by doing a search like this I would then select the 3-4 most interesting points, add my personal touch, and post my short video on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. It’s just one way of doing it. You could also deeply study your audience and the questions they ask. Facebook and Instagram also provide you with basic statistics to know the profile of your fans or subscribers. You may notice that you have more women following you than men. This is already a good start, but it is not always enough to know this.

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