Who has taken my cheese? Spencer Johnson The author describes the change in work and life. using as an example two mice. two Lilliputians and their searches for cheese. The goal is to teach us how to adapt to an ever-changing world. 16. Darwin’s challenge. Geoffrey Moore The laws of nature and species proposed by Darwin and the business world have much in common. In both cases. only those that adapt to the environment survive. 17. The Wolf of Wall Street. Jordan Belfort After the movie the book has been reborn for new readers. Jordan. the protagonist.

is an ambitious man who achieved what many thought impossible. History teaches us how to sell and do it well. 18. The K factor. Aitor Zárate If you want to learn how to earn your first million. this book is for you. The Colombia whatsapp number list author teaches us how to manage money and finances. how to increase income and how to manage time effectively. 19. Inbound marketing. Brian Halligan It is a useful guide to introduce us to the use of new marketing practices that will help us achieve tangible results. It gives us instructions to function successfully in search engines.

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Social networks. 20. Steve Jobs. In conclusion, the biography. Walter Issacson The inspiring story of the creator of one of the most important brands in the world. whose passion for perfection revolutionized the technology industry and mass consumption. 21. The entrepreneur’s manual. Steve Blank and Bob Dorf This basic for entrepreneurs explains that more than entertaining yourself in conceiving innovative ideas. it is very essential to identify problems. needs and potential clients. It teaches us the Customer Development methodology . necessary when founding any business. 22. Finance for entrepreneurs. Antonio Manzanera.

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How to get the financing you need to set up a new business?  In conclusion, This book is especially recommended for business initiatives on technology or in the industrial field that want to focus the search for financing and plan the financial strategy appropriately. In conclusion, change-the-chip.jpg23. Change the chip. Clip Heath and Dan Heath This book explains how to align two brain mechanisms to eradicate the fear of change and how to face difficult changes without trauma to improve our lives. In conclusion, both personal and professional or business. 24. Knowmads: The workers of the future.

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Proposes concrete formulas to prepare ourselves for the changes that are coming in the. In conclusion, labor market: worrying about improving our professional profile and generating networking through social networks are fundamental keys. 25. The entrepreneur’s guide to customer development. Brant Cooper The authors teach us how to develop the Customer Development methodology . In conclusion, but making it much less academic and more practical. The book criticizes that we insist on imagining what the client needs and what his problems are.

instead of leaving the office and working with him to identify them. 26. The 4-hour workweek. In conclusion, Timothy Ferriss The author explains how starting a business opens the door to many possibilities. The green book of the collaborative entrepreneur. Raul Master. According to the author. “the crisis has helped to promote the collaborative economy: it has led to new ways of consuming by the population. In conclusion, The urban consumer has changed in the way they make their decisions and it has a lot to do with what the collaborative economy models offer”.

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