Finally, take the time to respond to all comments and thank the participants. Promote your Facebook Live (if it went well!) If your show went well and you are happy with your performance, why not promote it to reach more people or those who weren’t able to attend? And then, I want to tell you: you don’t really have a choice. The lifespan of a post in the Facebook news feed is barely a day . Also great was your show, tell yourself that after 2 days no one will hear about it anymore. So my advice is to talk about your show around you. Talk about it in your Newsletter a week later. If you can afford it, allocate a small budget to boost the publication of Live.

If you decide to put in some money to boost your show, I advise you to focus on people who already know you: Fans of your Page Subscribers to your Newsletter Readers of your blog People who watch your Facebook videos You’ll need to Nicaragua Email List use Custom Audiences to target these people. I talk about it in detail in this article … 15) Choose the right tool for your Facebook Live As promised, I also share with you the most used tools to make professional Facebook Lives. I advise you to use them as soon as you have a little experience and want to do live broadcasts on a regular basis. The first tool that I recommend (and that I still use today) is Be.Live . There is a free version (perfect for trying) and a paid version (the first plan starts at $ 29.99 / month).

Nicaragua Email List
Nicaragua Email List

Facebook news feed is barely a day

It allows you to invite a person during your show and to personalize your show with your colors. You can also display comments on the screen (perfect for boosting engagement of your live video). If you want to go even further, you will be able to share your screen and invite up to 10 people during your show. If all that isn’t enough, head for more comprehensive and advanced solutions like OBS Studio or Wirecast . These tools will allow you to create live videos with a very professional rendering, just like you, launch a preshow and be live simultaneously on several platforms (eg Facebook, Twitch and YouTube). I invite you to read this very comprehensive article written on the SocialMediaExaminer blog to learn how to configure and use these tools.

Conclusion I really hope you found this guide useful and made you want to jump into Facebook Live (if you haven’t yet!). I really would have liked to learn more before my first Live. It would have saved me a lot of mistakes. But that’s okay, you always learn from your mistakes. I’m sure even re-reading this guide 2-3 times you will still make mistakes.It’s frustrating to be present on the Internet and social networks, but not to derive any income from it and know how to measure it. What’s the point of investing your time and money to create a website, start a blog and post 3 times a week on social networks if not to attract customers? This is the trap of digital marketing.

If you want to go even further

It’s very accessible, but without a well-established strategy, you risk losing track and doing it all for nothing (or almost – visibility will not finance your growth or your rent unfortunately). If you want to find customers on the Internet, you are going to have to actively seek them out and show them that you exist . The only way to do this is to put in place a profitable digital marketing strategy. You will tell me that it makes sense. A strategy is a precise and detailed plan of actions to be carried out in order to achieve a long-term objective. Yet, according to this Smart Insights study , only 45% of companies surveyed say they do not have a clearly defined digital marketing strategy.

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