Go to your Facebook Page, click on the Stats tab, stay on Overview and scroll down until you see the Pages to Watch section. You can see that I am already watching a few Pages! Rest assured, I don’t spy on these Pages every day, but when I run out of inspiration to post, I do occasionally take a look around. You can add multiple Pages and Facebook will also recommend some to make your job easier .  This allows you to keep tabs on your competitor’s Pages by comparing engagement, likes growth, and total number of interactions over the past week. If we analyze this screenshot a little more, we can see that I am doing quite well compared to Pages that have many more fans than me! We also note that the LiveMentor Facebook page stands out with an engagement rate of 4%.

In the end, the real usefulness of this feature is to know more about the content strategy of your competitors or major players in your industry influencers, bloggers or magazines Photos, videos or links? What works best and what does not perform well in terms of posts? Which posts get the most interactions? A word of advice take a look at the Equatorial Guinea Email List comments first! Do they regularly make Facebook Lives ? How many times do they post on Facebook on average in a week? Thanks to this information and these insights , you will be able to refine your content strategy as you go and steal the best ideas from your competitors be careful not to copy! Copying and stealing are two very different concepts.

Equatorial Guinea Email List
Equatorial Guinea Email List

What types of posts do they share?

To go deeper into analyzing Facebook competitors and their strategy, read my blog post on how to spy on Facebook competition for free . 8 Add a Chat Messenger widget to your website Having a Live Chat on your website is a great tool to chat directly with your visitors and customers. Many studies show that sites that use live chat have higher conversion rates and a higher percentage of their visitors who come back after their first visit, as eMarketer explains . The problem is, Live Chat solutions are expensive. This is the case with Intercom, one of the best known solutions, but which starts at $ 87 per month . Fortunately, if you want a powerful and free solution, you’re going to like the solution I’m going to give you. I’m talking of course about the Chat Messenger widget.

We saw at the beginning of this article that you can configure an automatic response assistant. This way, the person who contacts you will have an immediate response from you. The second good news is that it is very easy to install. You just have to go to the settings of your Facebook Page and click on Messenger Platform. Scroll down and go to the Customer Chat Plugin option. Click on the Configure button. You should see this window appear. This is where you can customize the message that will entice your site visitors to write to you. The second step is to personalize your widget with your brand colors. Finally, the last step is where you will install the widget on your website. Make sure to add any areas where the widget will be displayed.

So what is it really for?

You can choose to install the code yourself on the pages of your choice on your website in WordPress, there is a plugin that does this for you. Otherwise, you can always email the instructions to your developer. Personally, I use the Chat Messenger Widget during the launch period on my online training sales pages to provide additional help to those who are interested in my training. 9 Publish a Premiere video In October 2018, Facebook launched with great fanfare a new video format that mixes Live and simple videos. Facebook called it Premieres. Concretely, you will be able to post pre-recorded videos and they will be broadcast as if they were filmed live. Once finished, the Premieres become traditional videos. Source Social Media Examiner By choosing this option, Facebook promises a greater number of interactions , especially at the time of publication.

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