When I started, live shows were very fashionable Facebook Live , Periscope and it was also the rise of YouTubers who have become stars today. We didn’t talk much about Instagram influencers yet, or even Instagram Stories since they didn’t yet exist! Back then, content creators still relied heavily on their blog and Facebook Page . Today blogging is saturated there are over a billion blogs in the world and Facebook has become a paid platform . Even Facebook Lives don’t have as much organic reach as they used to. Content creators have no choice but to step out of their comfort zone and exploit the platforms that are on the rise and that they don’t necessarily know about. Fortunately, there are several IGTV the platform is gaining users and Instagram now allows the addition of videos in slideshow format .

Here’s a great example of a video ad made by Kayak. This video is excellent for several reasons She is short It attracts attention the first 3 seconds It is easily consumed without sound and even tells a little story. She shows how to use the Guinea Email List Kayak service in just a few seconds For more information on using videos on Facebook, check out this my blog post . 4 The evergreen campaign Finally, I would like to tell you about the evergreen campaigns . An evergreen campaign is a campaign that runs all year round . It could be an acquisition, remarketing or brand awareness campaign. In this article, I will instead tell you about evergreen campaigns with the goal of coverage whose objective is to retarget people who have shown a strong intention to convert, but ultimately did nothing too bad!.

Guinea Email List
Guinea Email List

The world and Facebook has become

Jon Loomer has some great blog posts about building evergreen campaigns . It also offers some pretty interesting examples to put into practice. Conclusion As we have seen, Facebook advertising campaigns achieve many goals, including Branding and brand attachment through interaction campaigns and video views Conversions through conversion campaigns and evergreen campaigns . Always choose the marketing goal in Facebook that matches what you want to do. For example, if you want more interactions, don’t choose a Facebook traffic goal, but an interactions goal. If setting up these campaigns has seemed a bit complex in practice, I recommend that you read the guide to Facebook advertising that I wrote.I’ve been producing content for 2 years now! If I count, I’ve written around 150 blog posts and several hundred social media posts.

Then there is Alexis Minchella who is the host of the Tribu Indé podcast, a podcast that talks about the reality of freelancing and side projects , through interviews. From participating in her podcast, I noticed right away that Alexis is empathetic and this quality helps her ask the right questions of the people they interview. In addition, freelancers like to listen to audio interviews in order to be inspired. It is well known. The result ? Exciting interviews and thousands of listenings on his young podcast. With these examples, I wanted to show you that the best way to find your ‘mainstay’ content is to first understand where your target audience likes to consume their content the most. Ideally, you should produce the content format that best matches your strengths and affinities.

The evergreen campaign

I simply copy and paste this part of the article, I quickly wrote an introduction and a conclusion, I found an image to present the article and voila . This is really the strategy that I advise you to produce content on a larger scale, without necessarily reinventing yourself or hiring providers. Lesson 3 Ride the Wave The best content creators know how to surf trends… and above all to spot them before everyone else, even if it means making daring bets. Gary Vaynerchuk explains, for example, that he bet heavily on Twitter and YouTube more than 10 years ago, when the number of users of these platforms was in the tens of millions. And today there are so many social platforms that it’s hard to know where to post.

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