effort and discipline. His favorite colors are blue. gray. green and white. Conclution It is difficult to know for sure what the entrepreneur or owner of a company is like if we do not know him personally; but the way his website is designed and what it projects can tell us a lot about his personality and. of course. what his own brand projects. In general. the structures and organization of the content follow the same line. the difference lies in how they present it and the type of content they offer to the audience to generate connection and motivate conversion and sales .

It is important to keep in mind that what you show on the web will speak of who you France whatsapp number list are and. of course. of your brand values. Is your brand reflecting your personality as an entrepreneur and owner? Which group would you be in? Next week we will have an unprecedented event: 8 hours of training with a group of expert speakers in digital marketing . You can register totally FREE here and participate without leaving your favorite site. Read this article to know all the details about the first.

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It will be virtual and. How can I participate in this event? Sign up on this page . Validate that all your information is correct so that you can participate without inconvenience. Once you have registered. you will receive in your email a summons with the details of the event: access link. time and date Reserve in your agenda May 12 from 9am to 6pm. It is very important that you can participate in all the conferences.

France whatsapp number list

Before the event. select a place with a good internet connection and verify that your computer has audio output. On May 12. enter your email and click on the link that you will receive from the mailbox of Juan Fernando Díez (CMO Publish). connect 15 minutes before so you do not miss a minute of the training. Participate actively during the event using the hashtag publicardigital and you can win one of the Who are the speakers? Juan Fernando Diez CMO – Director of Marketing. Product and New Business at Publish.

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MBA from the University of Arizona and MIM at Thunderbird School of International Management Conference: 10 keys for your SME to get ahead in the digital world Carla Escobar SMB Account Manager – Facebook . He has also served as Media Campaign Manager for YouTube and Foursquare as a Brand Strategist. Conference: The magic of Facebook Ads to boost your marketing results Juan Carlos Mejia Speaker and author of two books on Social Media. best sellers on Amazon.

He is one of the most important Spanish-speaking influencers Conference: How an SME can take advantage of social networks Guiovanni. It is a training space dedicated to the entrepreneurs of the Publicar Community. Which will take place on May 12 from 9am to 6pm. Because in this way you will have complete guidelines to put them into practice in your company and see results.  There. 7 experts in digital marketing will provide you with tools and practical advice that will help you boost your business. Digital Day Publish Webinar: What is a Digital Day Webinar?

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