we all spent 12.5 billion hours online worldwide, which is a new record for internet usage, but social media usage also set new records last year. We are Social and Hootsuite ‘s Global Digital Report 2022 series of reports. This issue of the report, which has been published for the last 10 years, summarizes the following key indicators:The number of social media users has reached double digits; YouTube, Instagram, TikTok bounce; New trends in social media use; The rise of social commerce to a new level; Increased spending on social media advertising; Unfavorable advertising facts; Click here to view the full report. But keep reading the article that contains the statistics that marketers need to know. Last year, the number of social media users increased by 10.1%. Key figures to illustrate the overall picture of “digital consumption” around the world: World Population.

Last Year, the Number of Social Media Users Increased

As of January 2022, the world’s population is 7.91 billion, with an average annual growth rate of 1%. This means that by mid-2023, the world’s population is expected to reach 8 billion. More than half of the Singapore Phone Number world’s population (57.0 percent) lives in cities and towns. Mobile phone users: more than two-thirds of the world’s population (67.1 percent) use mobile phones, and by. The beginning of 2022, the number of mobile phone users reached a record 5.31 billion. Over the past year, the number of mobile phone users. Worldwide has increased by 1.8% to 95 million new mobile phone users. Internet users. At the beginning of 2022. The total number of internet users in the world. Will reach 4.95 billion, accounting for 62.5% of the total population.

Growth in the Number of Social Media Users in 10 Years


The number of Internet users has increased by 192 million or 4.0% over the past year. However, the researchers warn that this number may not fully reflect the actual increase due to COVID-19 due to research and reporting limitations. Social Media Users: As of January 2022, there are 4.62 billion social media users worldwide, representing 58.4% of the world’s population. But keep in mind that the number of “users” of these social media is a recurring number. The number of social media users worldwide has grown by more than 10 percent in the last 12 months, and by 2021, 424 million new users have joined social media.

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