Social media is a great tool to promote your business. To the market, attract customers, turn them into loyal customers, and increase sales. No business, large or small, has ever had the means to market their brand at such. A low cost and create new demand for their products and services. Entrepreneur if you don’t use Facebook in your marketing, the first thing. You should do in 2019 should be Facebook advertising. Why? Here are 9 SMART reasons to start a Facebook ad right now. 1. People spend a lot of time on Facebook. Facebook is a huge opportunity for any business organization that should not be overlooked.

People Spend a Lot of Time on Facebook

You can’t be behind them. 2. 2.16 billion users worldwide and 2.1 million in Mongolia According to the latest update, 2.16 billion people connect to Facebook, 95% of whom check Facebook via mobile phone. In New Zealand Phone Number February 2018, the number of people connecting to Facebook per day reached 1.45 billion. Another interesting figure is that 1.15 billion people use Facebook on their mobile phones every day.

2.16 Billion Users Worldwide and 2.1 Million

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Facebook advertising can do this very effectively. 3. Facebook’s organic reach is declining day by day. If you run a Facebook page, you may have noticed that a very small percentage of people who LIKE your page, on average 1-2%, see your published post (Organic Reach) or without advertising. This is real data for most pages. In recent years, the “REACH” rating of a post on a Facebook page has dropped dramatically. In other words, if you want to reach more people, you need to use Facebook’s paid advertising. But there is also good news. It is relatively cheap in terms of paid advertising price.

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