It really helped me better understand emotional marketing. Just wait until you know my other 2 secrets before reading this article. Are your Facebook advertising campaigns perfectly optimized ? Let’s talk 30 minutes on the phone Our team analyzes the status of your campaigns based on 7 criteria You receive strategic recommendations with the 5 most urgent areas for improvement to optimize your spending BOOK A CALL Secret # 2: Your offer can make or break your campaign An offer is something you give in exchange for the person’s time or money. For example, this article is an offer. He has value. It offers you useful information for you in return for your time (at least I hope!). Plus, the content is free on my blog! I am talking about an offer because I have noticed that we often tend to blame targeting or advertising itself to explain poor campaign performance .

On the other hand, the influencer also receives visibility and credit for participating in the article. This strategy is applicable for any type of business. All you need is a blog. For example, if you’re an organic food brand, you could interview 15 healthy eating experts you’d like to Ecuador Email Address meet and ask them a relevant question on the topic. Again, your chances of getting a favorable response are high because the experts love to talk about what they are passionate about! I applied this strategy 2 years ago to promote my blog and develop my network. Look at the kind of email I sent to my future guests (most didn’t know me at the time). A word of advice: always highlight the benefit.

Ecuador Email Address
Ecuador Email Address

Facebook advertising campaigns perfectly optimized ?

That goes without saying ! Conclusion It was a long article. Hope you find it helpful to contact any influencer and get a favorable response (whatever your request is). To conclude this article, I would like to highlight several things. Before contacting anyone for a collaboration, take the time to do your research on the person to get to know them better and understand what they really want. Remember, if you don’t know what the other person wants, how can you offer them something that would interest them? Also, spend time building genuine relationships with influencers you’d like to collaborate with before asking them for a favor. We’ve seen that influencers are busy people, but not oblivious to those who care about them. To be interesting, be interested! Finally, favor long-term partnerships with your influencers.

Of course, we also rely on rational factors to make decisions , but that will depend on person to person and the circumstances. In some cases, we will use our logic for a purchase, when our car has broken and we have to buy a new one for example. But, let’s not go into details in this article. I just wanted to tell you that your Facebook ads have to elicit emotions to trigger the action you desire. In addition, emotions help you create a “connection” with your audience. Now let’s analyze some examples so that you can better understand. How to use your emotions in your Facebook ads I suggest you start with a very good advertisement from the Airbnb company. As you know, Airbnb makes money by connecting hosts and people in need of housing.

Something that would interest them?

On the surface, this ad presents you with simple and quick-to-use video maker software. In fact, this software not only sells you simplicity, it sells you a better situation than what you have been through so far (investing big bucks in making videos or pulling your hair out if you had decided to do it yourself). What is the emotion implied when you are offered a better future? You guessed it, this is hope. Hope awakens your attention and prompts you to take action. Ads that contain customer testimonials naturally harness this very positive emotion. I’ve just shared with you my first secret to getting your ads to elicit a response from your audience. If you’re interested in emotional marketing and want to learn more about using emotions in your marketing, I invite you to read this comprehensive guide on the Hubspot Blog .

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