Write native articles Do you write articles on your blog or on Medium ? Do you enjoy writing short, personal articles? If so, just take a few minutes to copy and paste them and immediately put them on LinkedIn Publishing , the place where you can publish your articles natively on LinkedIn. It’s no secret that each social network will always give more visibility to an article published on its own platform rather than content published on an external platform such as your website or Medium. Whenever I have something short and personal to share, like a year-end review, I don’t hesitate to share it using LinkedIn’s native tools.

So, I know you are probably saying to yourself . I only have 153 connections on LinkedIn, that’s not enough to develop my network and be visible… I’m not good at creating content, I don’t have a chance . The reality is, I wasn’t good at content creation when I was just starting out either and started posting when I barely had 300 connections on LinkedIn most of them alumni. work colleagues and classmates. I have grown my network slowly but steadily in just a year and a half on LinkedIn. In addition, my results are mediocre when compared to Switzerland Phone Number List those of other platform specialists such as Grégory Logan. If you are interested in LinkedIn, I suggest you take a look at 5 content creation techniques to immediately stand out on LinkedIn.


The place where you can publish your articles

Since I took off from my home to take office in Brussels, I have learned an extremely important thing it is not WHAT you know that counts, but rather WHO you know. I agree that knowledge is the key to power, but you shouldn’t neglect your network. Today, you cannot hope to be successful by working hard and standing in your corner, without reaching out to people. In any case, that’s my opinion. Our world is hyper-connected and the more people you know, the more likely people are to talk about you around them! yes, word of mouth is still doing very well thanks to social networks!. LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for building your network and connecting with other people like you, virtually or over coffee.

As LinkedIn competes with YouTube and company for a share of the video market, you can imagine that LinkedIn appreciates that you publish your videos natively on its platform. Someone who understood it very well is Grégory Logan . Every time I open his LinkedIn profile, I see more and more people following him and commenting on his posts.  It’s very simple. He picks up his phone, pulls out the front camera, and records a candid and practical video on personal development. Work time ? 10 minutes. Results ? Over 62,000 views! cap inside out! 3 Networking is the key to success in a hyper-connected world This is my last point on LinkedIn.

How does he do that?

Do you want to know the results on Facebook? The post was seen by only 3600 people knowing that my audience is almost equal on the 2 networks. Engagement is also much lower with 31 reactions, 9 comments and 3 shares. This holds true for 95% of my posts . The text and image are exactly the same on Facebook and LinkedIn and I get the best feedback almost all the time on LinkedIn… without paying a dime ! It will take, in my opinion, a good two years before the range decreases drastically with the increase in the number of users. After all, there are already 610 million users on LinkedIn! 2 LinkedIn likes video really It will be 2 years since users and companies can publish videos natively on LinkedIn !

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