I was telling you that the company that uses them can pre-configure a greeting or connect a bot. Bots are great and innovative, but it’s true that not everyone likes them yet. On the other hand, users are very fond of communicating with brands on social messaging apps like Messenger. A Facebook study conducted on a sample of 12,500 people showed that 56% of respondents would rather send a message to a business than call them for customer service 61% of respondents prefer to receive personalized messages from companies This is why starting with a simple greeting appears to be the best solution to promote human interactions. Additionally, you can choose to ask a contextual question about your ad.

Given his strong opinion there is no human interaction with advertising. Although I respect the opinions of Lucie and Stéphane, I do not necessarily agree with them for two reasons Messenger ads are not necessarily automated. An advertiser can choose to Poland Phone Number List manage all interactions without going through a bot. Social ads are fantastic because they allow users to react to the content of the ad and advertisers are free to respond, just like click-to-Messenger ads where the business can engage in a real conversation with the targeted people. . This is what prompted me to talk about click-to-Messenger ads in this article instead. What is a click to Messenger ad? It is an advertisement that can appear in Facebook as well as in the Messenger or Instagram application. The principle is simple.


Social ads are fantastic because they allow users

Promote a fitness program, you might create an advertisement whose sole purpose is to answer frequently asked questions about your program. Your advertisement would look like this . People who click on the Send a Message button will be redirected to a conversation window in the Messenger application. You can then set up such a greeting. This is how your business can start a one-on-one conversation with your ideal customer through a simple advertisement. In my opinion, these are probably the most powerful ads Facebook has to offer to convert someone who is ready to buy. If you also want to set up click ads to Messenger, go read my article on Messenger Ads.

The status of your campaigns based on 7 criteria You receive strategic recommendations with the 5 most urgent areas for improvement to optimize your spending. Click ads to Messenger Before writing this article, I thought a lot about the second marketing opportunity I was going to tell you about. Initially, I was thinking of Stories and more specifically of the ads in Instagram Facebook Stories . Only, I had a small revelation while reading a comment on one of my LinkedIn posts. First, Lucie begins by commenting on Messenger ads. She didn’t like the lack of human interaction in this type of advertising which is understandable, she had to deal with Messenger bots.

The image or the call-to-action button of the advertisement

You are redirected to a Messenger conversation in which the company has all the luxury of pre-setting up a greeting or even a smart conversation. with a chatbot. Concretely, it looks like this This example is perhaps one of the most interesting uses for click to messenger ads. With one click, you can send an exclusive promo code to the user who clicked on your ad. A real boon for local merchants who want to attract traffic to the store. The real appeal of click-to-Messenger ads, in my opinion, is the conversational aspect. It’s the ability to chat with a prospect interested in what you are offering and answer each of these questions which are actually objections to the purchase.

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