These are the posts that will be highlighted during the week and on weekends when I’m not there. I have been using this strategy for over a year and spend an average of € 200 per month which is really cheap when you look at the results on my Facebook Page. I can also tell you that I had concrete results Rising awareness People who recognize me from physical events Purchases Leads Contact requests Private messages via Messenger You do not believe me ? I went to see the purchases of my online training generated by my interaction campaigns since I launched them in September . The numbers don’t lie. Without even directly promoting my online training, 8 sales were attributed to these campaigns for a return on investment of 1.30. While this campaign is not even intended to promote my training and services, my Ads.

Manager shows me that training sales reimburse the amount invested. In other words, the visibility I pay on Facebook ultimately costs me nothing. It was my little conclusion and my strong opinion on interaction campaigns. Yes, they are effective when used properly. You have had proof of that. You’re not convinced yet ? Do everything that I have advised you for a Faroe Islands Email List year and I promise you that you will have tangible results. And if despite the money invested and the efforts made, you do not have more requests for your products services OR a higher brand awareness a greater number of people who remember and talk about you, contact- me and I will help you for FREE. This is how confident I am that this strategy is really working.

Faroe Islands Email List
Faroe Islands Email List

Who recognize me from physical events

The conversions campaign Do you remember the sales funnel I presented to you? Ads with the goal of Converting occur at the last stage of your sales funnel, where people are the hottest ready to buy. These are the people who already know you and have already learned about your products. These are by far the most widely used advertising campaigns by businesses on Facebook. I see at least 50 a day and you might too! For this type of campaign, you send traffic to a landing page whose sole purpose is for the person visiting this page to perform a specific action buy, register, fill out a form, download a resource , etc. Campaigns with the objective Conversions serve many purposes . Generate leads or program registrations For example, Google sends ads to my news feed often enough that I hone my digital skills through its free courses .

If you are launching a product, you can use campaigns with the Conversions objective to offer to join a waiting list before the product is released. That’s what Gretta Van Riel does. Lately, if you have a Newsletter , it is always interesting to offer a guide or a checklist in exchange for subscribing to your Newsletter. Facebook advertising is very effective in attracting new subscribers to a Newsletter at the lowest cost generally below 1 or 2 € depending on your sector of activity. Harvest new users This ad from AdEspresso offers me a free trial of its Facebook campaign management software. This is probably an advertisement that targets people who inquired about the software by targeting the pricing page . To sell products It is the one that we find most often. For example, there is this advertisement from TOMS.

Conversions objective to offer to join

The company most likely targets those who have added products to the cart. Nike regularly uses Facebook carousels to showcase the clothes from its new collection. This UberEATS announcement is also interesting. A Burger bought = A free burger! What targeting for this type of campaign? For this type of campaign, favor personalized audiences groups of people who have already had an interaction with your brand. For free offers , you can use the hearings more cold as similar audiences and targeting interests . I’m also using Custom Audiences to retarget my blog readers with a free offer guide, video series, checklist, etc., but we’ll talk about that with the evergreen campaign with the cover goal. For paid offers , your best bet is to retarget people who already know you. Why ? We tend to buy from familiar companies or brands, not strangers.

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