Stories are memorable, they communicate emotions and above all they help sell your products better. In his book All Marketers Are Liars , Seth Godin explains why he thinks Marketing is no longer just about the things we do, it’s about the stories we tell. I spent over an hour analyzing Apple’s website and this is what stood out to me Apple doesn’t just sell you the product itself, but what you can do with it through micro-stories. Each sales page iPhone, Mac, iPad defends and expresses Apple’s vision, but also, and most importantly, how its products can actually improve our lives. To show it and really be convincing, Apple’s copywriters create universes and put the consumer at the center of their universes.

For example, Apple has bragged about truly ushering in a wireless world with the new iPhone wireless charger and has not forgotten to include you directly in this great story. Because now you can charge your iPhone using wireless charging stations available in hotels, cafes and airports around the world. In this example, Apple uses the crystal ball model storytelling technique to Japan Phone Number List create visualizations in your mind. Apple also likes to use analogies to make it easier for you to immerse yourself in its world. For example, the new camera in the iPhone 8, X and XS introduces a new feature Portrait mode. Nothing exceptional in itself, but above all Using analogies! Take this example.


How to explain this technology simply?

In Portrait mode, the dual cameras and new face mapping create lighting effects worthy of a photo studio. This analogy gives you an idea of what the dual camera can do in Portrait mode. This is another way of communicating the benefit of a feature , comparing it to something you can already imagine very well, a photo studio in this case. You will notice that most of the pages on Apple’s website contain this type of analogy or metaphor to better describe the technologies of its products. For Face ID, Apple tells you that your face becomes your password . You remember the iPhone X which sounded the disappearance of the Home button. It made a lot of noise 2 years ago.

However, Samsung already offered a smartphone without a home button. When describing the new iPhone X and XS screen, Apple isn’t telling you that they just removed the Home button and made the screen bigger yet they did. No, they still use analogies to describe these changes An endless screen. The device merges with the screen. An iPhone that is just a screen. Analogies are a great way to simplify the message. They make it possible to make concrete and accessible what seems obvious to you as an expert, but difficult as a novice. Finally, it is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Apple uses it a lot to show what you can do with its products, both with the photos and the little annotations you see in this screenshot.

Wireless charging stations available

It’s very subtle, but the iPad Air sales page does everything to sell Apple Pencil, in addition to the iPad. The small annotations above the images almost make us believe that the Page was written with both a computer keyboard and an Apple Pencil . Remember Include images, parables or analogies as much as possible on your website pages. What story can you tell to integrate your product into the lives of your customers? Access exclusive marketing strategies Join the Newsletter and access more than 10 guides, checklists and strategies on digital marketing that are not present on this blog. First Name E-mail I accept the privacy policy JOIN 20,000+ SUBSCRIBERS One-click unsubscribe.

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