Probably because the carousel first shows the product that you saw or added to the cart, as well as other products that are similar to it (personalized suggestions). Here is an example. You notice that I have also dynamically inserted in the text of the advertisement the name of the product seen or added to the cart by the user. All this is of course managed by Facebook which “communicates” with your e-commerce site thanks to the Facebook pixel as well as the data flow between your site and the Facebook catalog. In addition to dynamic remarketing, you can also set up prospecting campaigns with your catalog . For these campaigns, Facebook recommends segmenting your audience only with demographic criteria like location, age, gender, and language in order to have a very large audience.

Having tested all types of targeting with the objective of “catalog sales”, I can confirm that the most basic demographic targeting offers the best performance in the long term. It sounds crazy, but this is how the algorithm works best with dynamic ads made for acquisition. By having broad targeting, you give Facebook complete freedom to deliver your ads to a Cape Verde Email List very large number of people and then refine the targeting based on performance and collected signals such as engagement, clicks on ads, products viewed, added to cart and purchased. When I asked a Facebook account manager in which case it is better to use the objective “catalog sales” or “conversions” to acquire customers, this one answered me that it is necessary to see dynamic ads as the last layer of targeting to implement, in addition to similar interests and audiences that are typically targeted with conversion campaigns.

Cape Verde Email List
Cape Verde Email List

The algorithm works best with dynamic ads

So I (re) did the test a few weeks ago by launching dynamic campaigns to acquire customers and I am really impressed with the results! This time around, the acquisition costs are significantly lower than the campaigns with the objective of “conversions” and the potential volume of purchases also seems to me to be greater in the long term. Other performance indicators like CPM, CPC and cost per add to cart are also lower with this dynamic campaign. Of course, I know the results are also good because I invest a high budget (300 € / day) on one and the same large audience for a mainstream product, which allows Facebook’s algorithm to identify quickly my target audience.

In the event that you need to manage campaigns with a smaller budget (100 € / day for example), I recommend that you launch campaigns with the objective of “conversions” and target similar audiences or by centers of interest . Only use dynamic ads for remarketing purposes and on a low budget. 5 € or 10 € per day is more than enough to start. The day you’ll want to quickly increase the budget you invest in Facebook advertising, you can use this ultimate tool that Facebook offers for scaler : dynamic advertising for customer acquisition. Conclusion Well done for having reached the end of this article! If you have read this article carefully, you have surely understood that the Power5’s advertising tactics are, for the most part, based on: Automation of a number of tasks related to campaign management.

The budget you invest in Facebook advertising

I will give you one last example of upsell before moving on to the definition of cross-sells: warranty extensions and consumer protection plans. Apple is well known for offering extended warranties with privileged customer support for both businesses and individuals. As an individual, you are entitled to a 2-year warranty on electronic products. On the other hand, companies are only entitled to a one-year warranty on electronic products like those offered by Apple. That’s why Apple offers AppleCare to offer you additional protection in the form of an extended warranty as well as privileged support in the event of a problem. A good physical store salesperson will offer you AppleCare the moment you buy. On an e-commerce site, it’s the same principle, but executed differently.

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