Facebook shows for example that high repetition is necessary when Your brand is new or little known The buying cycle customer journey is short The advertising message is complex or not very differentiating Etc. Although I have given you some arguments in favor of repetition, it must be recognized that in the majority of cases a significant advertising repetition risks negatively impacting your costs and degrading sentiment towards your brand. To avoid this, I recommend that you set yourself a maximum repeat for your retargeting audience . Personally, I set a limit of 5 out of 7 days.

Raise your hand if this has happened to you before! did you really put your hand up?? It’s happened to all of us before, I think. As an advertiser, it’s even more annoying for me because I know it doesn’t take more than 10 seconds to Bulgaria Mobile Phone Numbers List exclude buyers from retargeting audiences. In other words, you can easily exclude from an audience anyone who has bought from you within a defined period 30 days for example. On Facebook, all you need to do is create an audience of people who bought 180 days ago. Then exclude that audience from your retargeting audience and voila! This way, as soon as the person purchases your product, they are automatically excluded from your retargeting audience for 30 days, even if they return to your site afterwards.

Why Advertise Facebook In Short, I’m Basically Using

Note You can do the same job for lead generation ads by excluding people who filled out your form. 5 sequencing your ad retargeting The idea behind a sequential retargeting strategy is to separate your audience into sub-segments according to Contact points actions on the site, number of pages visited, pages viewed, etc. The weather A classic example of sequential retargeting for an ecommerce site is separating people who saw a product from those who saw the product, but added it to the cart. Looking at a product and adding a product to the cart are two different behaviors . The intention to purchase is stronger when you add a product to the cart, even if it has become a reflex to select the products you prefer?

Facebook shows, for example, that brand recognition increases with repetition until it reaches a plateau. In cases where you are retargeting with the goal of returning visitors to your website, repeat ads are rarely a good thing. It negatively influences the general sentiment towards your advertising as shown in this study by Inskin Media . The results of this survey are very interesting. They show that repeating ads can quickly become annoying and intrusive, even annoying, for those affected, especially when the ad has been viewed more than 10 times. Of course, these are the results of a study and you also have to rely on your own statistics and the general context.

Facebook Shows For Example That High Repetition

Repeatability is seen by dividing impressions total number of times your ads have been viewed by coverage number of people reached. Finally, make the effort to create multiple ads to reach your audience. Vary the texts messages and especially the formats images, videos, carousel . The idea is to have multiple ads that look different to make it seem like you are adopting a different speech with each ad while the end goal is the same. These are basic, but already useful, tips to beat your ad repetition. 4 exclude buyers from your retargeting audience If there is precisely something very annoying, it is to review an advertisement for a product that you have already purchased.

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