proportion was 66 percent. 91% of private inhabited homes have a television, 88% a refrigerator, 73% a washing machine, 47% have their own car or truck, 38% have a computer, laptop or tablet, and 37.5% have a telephone line. fixed. With a value of about 400 billion dollars, according to figures from Breakline Agency , in this 2021 it can be considered that content marketing continues to be the most relevant for brands and companies, therefore, making the most of those resources destined to the content is still important. However, there are still firms that are finding that the allocated resources are not producing the expected results…

Is this your case? If so, this time we will see some signs that indicate that something is wrong with the content. According to various experts, these Bolivia whatsapp number list are the best signs to have to determine that it is time to make changes in your content marketing strategy: traffic is not growing According to the renowned Neil Patel, a first sign that the content marketing strategy is failing is the fact that the traffic is not growing. In this regard, he comments that one of the realities of building an audience is volume, you must reach enough people to start meeting business goals. Therefore, the content needs to attract a significant number of people and if this does not happen then something is wrong with the content.

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Consider that ways in which Google positions well the materials that people find really valuable, if you want to achieve this, you have to add value. Check the statistics of the site to have a clear view of the traffic and detect if there is a problem of this nature. In addition to seeing that detail, you also have to consider if people are coming back for more content after consuming a piece. The content is not being shared As a second clear signal, there is another key indicator that the content is relevant or of value. When a piece complies with this, it becomes shared by people so that it reaches even more individuals. This can happen on social channels like social networks or messaging channels like.

Bolivia whatsapp number list

WhatsApp or Messenger. By providing valuable content, you will see an impulse. In this reaction of sharing by the audience, if this does not happen. If the share counter on your pages does not move to more than 2 digits, then you have to analyze well what is being done. creating and sharing with the public. Materials are highly promotional As a third failure that the content marketing strategies of brands and companies may have is the abuse of promotion, whether of products or services. This can cause that the materials are not generating some relevant figure. He considers that times have changed in relation to the content that brands produce and if these pieces are not helping buyers to conquer their challenges, it will be necessary to restructure the strategy.

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According to Marketing Insider Group, today’s buyers. Demand helpful information from businesses. Before even considering a purchase, in fact, 74 percent of them. Buy from the first companies that provide value and insights they need. Is your content doing this? Social presence is stagnant. Finally, returning to the subject of social networks, the firm Inc. Points out that when the presence on these channels is stagnant. It means that the content is not having an effect and therefore things must be rethought. Social networks represent one of the. Most popular spaces in which audiences find and consume content. If you are using the most appropriate platforms. But there are no positive results.

then the content may not be good enough for people. Or it may be it is necessary to adjust the strategy in these spaces. To determine better schedules, and even better channels. In short, a boost for digital platforms is to have sagas that can be seen over and over again. This helps more subscribers become interested in hiring a service. Or several, depending on its exclusives, one of the many Netflix formulas. Thanks to this content, the company surprised the world by. Reporting that it added 8.51 million subscribers in the quarter. Above analyst estimates of 6.1 million, according to. IBES data from Refinitiv. Immediately, its shares rose 6.8 percent in after-hours trading.

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