For conversion goals, I advise you to read this article on my blog instead so as not to make mistakes ! After you’ve made your choice, name your campaign. Also select the option “Campaign budget optimization” and enter a daily budget. Remember. The higher your budget, the more likely you are to reach a large number of people in your audience. Then click on the blue “Continue” button. This brings us to the third step … Step 3: Define your target audience and ad placements In this step, we’ll set up your “Ad Set”. This is where you will define your audience, advertising locations and the duration of your campaign. 1) The audience Do you remember the blue button “Confirm” (at the first step)? After clicking on it, you should arrive on this page.

You notice that Facebook has already configured a very large audience (people who live in Belgium and are between 18 and 65 years old). And if you remember the first audience I created, obviously I can recreate it very easily in Solomon Islands Email List Facebook Ads Manager. This is cold targeting. In other words, these are people who don’t know you, but who might have an interest in what you are offering. What if you could target people who already know you and have interacted with your business on Facebook at least once? It is quite possible and you can do it with a few clicks from Ads Manager. Simply click on “Create” there and choose the “Custom Audience” option. You should see this window appear. Click on “Facebook Page”.

Solomon Islands Email List
Solomon Islands Email List

This is where you will define your audience

This is where you will define your audience. In this example, I’ve chosen to create an audience that includes people who have interacted at least once with one of my Facebook posts (or ads) in the past 30 days. The longer you extend the duration, the larger your audience will be… and the less qualitative it will be. This is because some people might not even remember you. If you have an active community on Facebook , I advise you to choose a duration of 30 or 60 days to create your audience. If you are not very active on Facebook, choose 90 days instead. Then name your audience and click on the “Create an audience” button. Well, that’s it ! You’ve just created a custom audience for retargeting .

This is the type of audience that I consistently target when I boost my Facebook posts. You can also create a custom audience that includes people who have visited your website or who have come from a customer list. Find out how in this article . Additionally, you can expand these audiences and create lookalike audiences to reach people who don’t know you, but look like your customers (or another source audience). Let’s come back to the creation of our campaign. After you’ve created your custom audience, you should find a setup that looks like this. Feel free to refine the age, gender and location. As soon as you have defined your audience and validated your choice, scroll down slightly and click on “Modify placements”. Select only Facebook.

The longer you extend the duration

After all, we’re setting up a campaign that aims to boost your top Facebook posts. Why post them on Instagram or Messenger? Step 4: Determine the length of your campaign This step will also be very quick. All you need to do is give your campaign a start date and an end date. If you want the campaign to run continuously, don’t put an end date. You can pause your campaign at any time anyway. Otherwise, put an appropriate end date. Then click on the blue “Continue” button to go to the next step. Step 5: Select a Facebook post We did the hard part! Now we just have to choose your best Facebook post (the one that had an above average engagement rate)! When creating your ad, you should see this page. Check that Facebook has selected your Facebook Page (and not another, if you have more than one).

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