Taking the time to personalize your creative content for Stories will result in more engaging and natural advertising like this. This will prevent you from wasting your money on prints that may go unnoticed 2) Follow the 3 second rule Facebook explains in its documentation that “the content of stories is viewed much faster than that of other media . ” This means that you need to Singapore Email List create ads that capture your audience’s attention from the first frame and keep it there by adjusting speed or animation. Right now, Samsung is running video ads in Stories that I find particularly effective. The ad begins with a quick animation of the “Galaxy A” overlaid text to grab attention and then takes you to multiple stages through quick transitions.

The third scene (1 second) stealthily shows the Mercedes logo on the front and back of the car. The sequel features the appearance of singer The Weeknd, various shots of the Mercedes (several scenes) and a final call to action to conclude the commercial in style. All in 15 seconds to follow the recommendations of Facebook. Conclusion Instagram Stories are one of the few content formats that allow you to get your audience’s full attention on their phone. Many companies are already using them to engage with their audience, tease, show off behind the scenes, or make time-limited offers. But, few advertisers take the time to do native advertising in Instagram Stories, with a suitable (vertical) format and a structured message with the right codes. In addition, their costs are still very low, and I am not exaggerating in telling you that.

Singapore Email List
Singapore Email List

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The Facebook Ads Manager remains a complex and not very intuitive interface for anyone who is new to it. Finally, sponsoring a Facebook post is useful if you want to gain visibility and generate interactions on a post that has been performing well. Boosting a post rarely makes it possible to magically give success to a post that was not liked naturally (without paying) by Facebook users (for whatever reason). This simplicity of implementation unfortunately has drawbacks . The disadvantages of boosting a Facebook post The ease of use of the “boost post” button even becomes a disadvantage if you are more advanced because your ad configuration options are more limited. The targeting possibilities are more limited (yes, there are others in Ads Manager). For example, you can’t create a retargeting audience.

If you choose a post with a simple photo, Facebook offers you the following goals: Generate more reactions, comments and shares. In other words, reach the people most likely to respond to your post. Reach people who are likely to buy from you. This lens was only present in the Facebook Ads Manager. It is now available for post boosts. If you choose a post with a video, Facebook offers 2 goals. The only difference is that Facebook offers you a goal focused on increasing the number of views on your video since the content of the post is video. Finally, if you choose a post with a clickable link, Facebook currently offers 4 goals. You notice that the goal “Reach people who might buy from you, and track your sales” is suggested for each type of post.

Facebook offers you the following goals

Choose the button that corresponds to the goal you have set for yourself. If you have any doubts, choose “Learn more”, it’s the easiest and the one that works the best. If your post did not contain a link initially, Facebook will offer to insert a link. Regarding the link to insert, choose a landing page suited to the objective you have set. For example, you’ll insert the URL of your contact page if you want people to contact you after clicking the sponsored post link. Step 4: Define your target audience and ad placements This step is perhaps the most important. You will both select who will see your sponsored post (audience) and where your ads will appear in Facebook ad placements (placements). 1) The audience Even if the “boost publication” function is a bit limited in the targeting options, it is nonetheless comprehensive enough to define an audience.

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