Should you add the consultant or the agency team in your Business Manager as employees? You could do it, but you risk getting tangled up in the brushes (and so are they!). Fortunately, Facebook has thought of you by allowing Business Managers to collaborate with each other. It could not be easier. Go to the company settings, click on “Partners” and then “Add”. Facebook will then ask you for the ID of the Business Manager of your consultant or partner agency. This is where it gets a bit tricky, but rest assured, there is a VERY simple solution. Contact your partner and tell them to go to(or create an account by reading this article). The person should see a URL in their browser that looks like this.

Ask your partner for the number after “business_id”. As soon as your partner has communicated this number to you, you will only have to copy and paste the ID of your partner’s account in this window. Then click on “Next” and assign the roles you want to Yemen Email List your partner. In this example, I gave the agency an advertiser role on my Facebook Page and my advertising account. Then click on “Save changes” and you should see all your partners appear in the “Partners” tab of your Business Manager. So that your partner can use your resources, he must first approve your request by going to the SON Business Manager requests. The Business Manager for agencies or consultants If you are an agency or a consultant, you will likely be working with other companies (i.e. your clients) who also have a Business Manager.

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Business Managers to collaborate

This will be the case if you help these companies to advertise Facebook, animate their Facebook Page or set up a product catalog in Facebook. To work with your client, you can ask them to follow the procedure I just presented to you (but there is a risk of error in the resources that will be allocated to you) OR take control of the requests yourself access to the resources of your choice. Let’s take an example so that you can better understand. You have just signed with a new client to manage their Facebook advertising campaigns. To create ads on behalf of your customer, you will need to do them from their ad account AND their Facebook Page. To access it, go to your Business Manager settings and open the “Accounts” tab.

We will request access to your client’s Facebook Page by clicking on the “Add” button. Facebook still offers 3 options: Add a Page Request access to a Page Create a page Do not choose the 1st option since your client’s Page does not belong to you. Always choose “Request access to a Page”. Then search for your customer’s Facebook Page. ( Note : Before requesting access to a Page, Facebook will ask you to define the “Main Page” of your Business Manager. Simply choose YOUR Company’s Facebook Page). As soon as you have identified your client’s Facebook Page, request access to “create ads” or “publish content” if you also have a community manager role. Scroll down slightly and click on the “Request Access” button.

Their Facebook advertising campaigns

Your client will then receive a request that he will have to approve in the “Requests” tab of his Business Manager. Lately, you’ll need to ask your customer for access to their ad account to create ads from their account (and avoid receiving invoices from Facebook for your customer’s ads). The procedure for receiving access to your client’s advertising account is exactly the same as for requesting access to their Facebook Page, except that you must first ask them for the ID of their advertising account before requesting it. . How to modify your Business Manager professional account? I just wanted to conclude this guide by telling you that you can, at any time, modify your company information in the Business Manager, as well as your means of payment, your notification settings and your account security.

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