Conclusion We have come to the end of this comprehensive guide! You can now do Facebook marketing with peace of mind. If you want to communicate (better) on Facebook, I’ve already written an article that shows you how to animate your Facebook Page and another that gives you 11 ideas for little-known posts to engage your fans on Facebook. If you’d like to advertise Facebook instead, I’ve written a guide (like this one) in PDF format to get you started with Facebook advertising.Black Friday is soon back! In recent years, in Europe, Black Friday has illuminated the fourth Friday in November. Why ? Because during this day, companies (small and large) offer us exceptional offers. And it benefits everyone: businesses that want to generate revenue quickly and consumers who are always eager to do good business.

Define your Black Friday offers Your offer can make or break a campaign. Your competitors will all have irresistible offers. If yours is less desirable, you risk missing out on a lot of sales. Even Apple is considering making offers worthy of the Ukraine Email List name for Black Friday of the year 2019. In other years, the brand has contented itself with offering gift cards to make purchases on the App Store or the iTunes Store. I don’t know about you, but it doesn’t make me want to buy a new MacBook. What if Apple offered AirPods at half the price with any purchase of a Macbook Pro, would you want to buy a new one then? I do ! Your Black Friday deals are important, so don’t overlook them.

Ukraine Email List
Ukraine Email List

Facebook marketing with peace of mind

For my part, I use compressor or iloveimg to resize and compress my images before uploading them to my site. Responsive website on mobile Internet users are buying more and more from their smartphones! It’s a real trend. Of the 37.5 million French people who bought on the Internet, 12.1 million did so via mobile , according to FEVAD . A mobile optimized website meets these few requirements: Sufficiently large text font (minimum 16 pixels) Buttons visible and large for easy clicks Lots of white space Simple navigation (few elements) Fast Multi-step checkout process (for e-commerce) If you want to go further on the best practices for optimizing your website on mobile, read this article that I wrote on journalducm. Have you installed the Facebook pixel on your site? To finish on the optimizations of your site before Black Friday, I advise you to install the Facebook pixel on your site.

All this meticulous promotion work must lead the user to a special landing page for Black Friday. Just yesterday I came across a YouTube ad from Elegant Themes. Look where I landed . This page is very self-explanatory. She gets right to the point. There’s a big, bold headline telling me that Black Friday is coming, a countdown to ramp up the wait, and 3 buttons for me to make a decision now: Take part in the giveaway game Take note of the date in my diary Be notified by email This is a great strategy for capturing emails before Black Friday. Since we are talking about emails … Access exclusive marketing strategies Join the Newsletter and access more than 10 guides, checklists and strategies on digital marketing that are not present on this blog.

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These people don’t give a damn about your great offers because they don’t even know who you are. In addition, be aware that the big retailers will put a lot of money that day to reach as many people as possible and the costs will be higher to reach these people. The solution is to target people who already know you, trust you and appreciate your brand. How? ‘Or’ What ? If you are familiar with Facebook advertising, you immediately thought of personalized audiences … In other words, you will only target: People who visited your website (up to 180 days) People who have subscribed to your Newsletter or are already customers (customer file) People watching your Facebook / Instagram videos People who interact with your Facebook Page or Instagram account Etc.

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