You only have a few hours left to save 20%” ” Buy now ” If you can also personalize your emails according to the products they have already seen or purchased on your site, your emails will be even more impactful. This study shows that 42% of buyers prefer emails containing products based on their previous interactions and their orders. If you can’t, highlight your most popular articles. In this way, you will play on the desire to acquire the items in question and you will also subtly introduce the concept of out of stock. 5) Break down barriers to buying On the Internet, there are a thousand and one reasons not to buy. Among these, three reasons often come up: Additional costs too high (shipping costs).

Create an account on the merchant website before buying A payment process that is too long or too complex Studies show that the cart abandonment rate is almost equal to 70% , which means that 7 out of 10 people place an item in their shopping cart, but never buy … At the end of this article, we will see how to (partially) solve this problem with advertising retargeting and emailing. For now, let’s focus on the heart of the matter. First, the shipping costs . You know, it is extremely unpleasant to USA Email List realize that you have to pay a few euros more for items that are already costing you dearly! Be honest: on Black Friday, can you afford the shipping cost? Do your profitability calculations and calculate the maximum reduction you can offer to keep a correct margin, including the fact that you are offering postage.

USA Email List
USA Email List

Your most popular articles

You can also choose to gift them for orders over 20% over the average shopping cart . Next, I told you about the payment process (also known as checkout ). This is also a stage where you will lose a lot of people due to: Creating a customer account (we don’t always want to do it …) Too many or too complicated steps to complete the order Regarding the creation of a customer account, you will notice that more and more sites offer you to pay as a guest. I went to MVMT’s site , an e-commerce site that generates hundreds of millions of sales every year. I was 100% sure they would allow me to place my order as a guest … They also tell me that by creating an account, I could save time for my next orders and receive promotions.

The rest of the payment is quite simple. MVMT only asks me for what is strictly necessary and you notice that the payment process is separated into different stages to give this impression of lightness. As much as possible, you should optimize your payment process like the one I have shown you to have as few abandonments as possible at this crucial stage. 6) Launch your campaigns on the big day When you think about it, it’s the preparation for Black Friday that takes the most time. On Black Friday, it’s just a matter of launching your advertising campaigns (already planned and active) and sending your emails. That is just about everything. Obviously, if you’re like me, you’ll be monitoring sales every 2-3 hours in your campaign manager.

Creating a customer account

Other than increasing the budget for the campaigns that work best, you don’t have to do anything else from a marketing standpoint. It is especially on weekends that you will have to cut the campaigns that did not work, test new audiences (larger and more targeted) and vary the messages as Cyber ​​Monday approaches. For example, for Cyber ​​Monday, do not hesitate to clearly announce that the promotions end “tonight” and that they will no longer take place “until next year”. 7) retarget and send follow-up emails for abandoned carts I was telling you that 7 out of 10 people end up abandoning their shopping cart… This is a pretty scary statistic for e-merchants. Tell yourself that during Black Friday, this ratio must be even higher. Why ? During Black Friday, consumers have a shorter attention span.

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