Marketers surveyed claim to have found at least one new customer thanks to a video posted on social media. It is therefore not surprising that 87% of marketers use video as a marketing tool ( Wyzowl, 2019 ) and it is surely because video offers them guarantees that textual content cannot offer: more ‘commitment and trust. Video also influences our purchasing decisions. A study conducted by Wyzowl shows the role of video in purchasing decisions. 8 in 10 people say they bought a software or application after watching the video. You now understand why I am committed to investing my time and my money in video marketing. My goal is to integrate a whole series of videos on my site, whether they are branding videos, informative videos, sales videos or even thank you videos. The goal ?

Increase the time spent on my site and conversions. I intend to Sri Lanka Email Database get there by combining these 7 types of videos that I will present to you in the following point. Get started with marketing video using these 7 examples of corporate videos This article contains a lot of statistics and has so far been fairly theoretical. Now, we’ll move on to the more practical part and see which videos you should create for your business. For each video featured, I’ll explain what they do, what I liked, and how to use them. 1) The branding video We buy the brands we like and share the same values. In 2012, Dollar Shave Club posted one of the platform’s most viral branding videos to YouTube (over 26 million views on YouTube!).

Sri Lanka Email Database
Sri Lanka Email Database

A video posted on social media

It is undoubtedly THE video that allowed this young startup founded in 2011 to take off and make itself known throughout the USA. This short video shows wonderfully: The raison d’être of Dollar Shave Club (shaving with good quality blades for an acceptable price) Her values Brand personality: fun and daring Their way of speaking (I prefer that you watch the video so that you yourself hear their way of speaking. The video also allows you to understand, from the first seconds, what Dollar Shave Club SELLS: high quality razors delivered to your home each month for $ 1 / month. We also include the enemy AGAINST WHO is fighting Dollar Shave Club: Gillette. No, for Dollar Shave Club you don’t need an extra blade on your razor.

The video demonstration of your solution The name of this video is pretty self-explanatory. Its purpose is to explain concretely what your product or service is for and how to use it. On the Slack site , you will find a video that explains quite well what Slack is used for (the different features), how to use it (e.g .: using channels for teamwork, sending documents to a conversation, etc.). What I like about this video is that Slack is represented by a person: “Your friend Brianna” Brianna, it’s you. The Slack customer avatar. And then, you have to admit that you will find it much easier to identify with Brianna, rather than with a simple voice-over. 3) The sales video As the name suggests, the goal of this video is to sell you something: a product, a service, coaching, training, etc.

Their way of speaking

This video uses the same principles as the sales pages: She identifies a painful and urgent problem in your life It provides a solution and details the benefits of the solution to your problem (what will you gain from it?) It shows you the transformation you are going to experience (a tangible and desired result) She presents an offer It builds trust through social proof (testimonials, rewards, etc.) and reassurance (guarantees) Finally, she inspires you to act now This is exactly what this sales video from Foundr does . As always, this kind of video highlights a charismatic character (Sabri Suby) and builds his authority from a well-oiled storytelling. Storytelling is really important in these kinds of videos because that’s what makes you feel emotions and identify with the hero of the video.

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