After selecting your goal conversions, Facebook asks you to specify a conversion event. This part is the most complex because you absolutely have to install a tracking code on your website Facebook pixel and then define conversion events on strategic pages of your website. What does it mean ? You must give the information to Facebook so that it can know which page of your website corresponds to the conversion in question. In your case, this is the thank you page for subscribing to your newsletter. You can either Install standard events for Facebook Purchase, Registration completed, Prospect, etc. Define a custom conversion I know this sounds abstract to you, so I prefer to redirect you to this article which explains you step-by-step how to install the Facebook pixel and define your conversions standard or custom.

In this example, I finally chose the custom conversion FB pub guide download new that I created beforehand. It’s the one that kicks in as soon as someone downloads my Facebook Advertising Guide and lands on the thank you page. At the New Caledonia Email List same time, Facebook receives the information and gives me the number of conversions newsletter subscriptions in my campaign reporting. This way, you can see with your own eyes how much Facebook contributes or not to the development of your email list. We will see later in this article how to analyze the reporting of your campaign. Step 3 Identify Your Target Audience I reassure you the rest of this article is much simpler. We have just tackled the more technical part. Now it’s time for strategy.

New Caledonia Email List
New Caledonia Email List

You Can Either Install Standard Events For Facebook

Who will you show your ads to? As you know, billions of people are on Facebook. That doesn’t mean you have to target them all! If your business operates only in France and targets men aged 25 to 45, this is already a good basis for defining your audience. As you can see, over 9,200,000 people match my targeting criteria. It’s way too much. Fortunately, Facebook offers many solutions to target a qualified audience . When working on an advertising account that still has a low data history , I like to target users based on their interests. For example, if I am selling a fitness program, I could target men between the ages of 25 and 45 who are interested in the Fitbit brand or use the Runtastic running app .

As you can imagine, people who like these Facebook Pages might also be interested in your offers. How to do ? It’s simple, go to the advanced targeting section and do a search to find a Facebook Page or a center of interest. The idea is not to select too many centers of interest otherwise the audience will be much too large. For the French market, I like to be between 100,000 and 500,000 people in the audience. In this example, we have defined an audience that is both defined and qualified . There are 180,000 people. This is a very good starting point, even if Facebook tells me that the selection of your audience is quite large. Only, it is not the most precise method and which gives the best results to target an audience.

Facebook Offers Many Solutions To Target

Another targeting method that is also very effective is lookalike targeting. Lookalike audiences are audiences that include audiences that look like a source audience. They can be your customers, fans of your Facebook Page… or subscribers to your Newsletter. Of course, these are audiences that require to already have internal data email list, customer file, website traffic, etc. As we are looking to build our email list, I will create a Lookalike Audience from people who have already subscribed to my Newsletter. Learn how to create a Lookalike Audience by reading this blog post . Then the only thing I need to do is select my new Lookalike Audience in the Custom Audiences section. Be careful to leave the Advanced targeting section empty. Lookalike audience already understands the behavioral components and interests of your audience.

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