They were just based on the daily life of our 4 friends and their hassles, so the series is considered a show about nothing . What does this have to do with email marketing? The success of this series comes from the fact that the actors were able to create an emotional connection with their audience because they could identify with them and understand them. Email marketers have since discovered the same phenomenon emails that don’t look like sellers sell the most. The idea behind Seinfeld emails is to sell without appearing to sell. How? ‘Or’ What ? You guessed it by telling a story short or long and linking that story to your product service. Seinfeld emails are considered indirect promotional emails because you are not directly talking about your product service. In practice, you have to be inventive and come up with stories that go well with your product.

For example, say you sell a new moisturizer, you could tell stories about Skin problems caused by strong exposure to the sun The frustration you had with traditional creams The crazy messages that you read on Doctissimo before inventing the Mozambique Email List remedy for your skin problems […] With practice, you will get better over time. I recommend that you write down any potential stories you might tell so that you don’t forget them. Conclusion Every time I write these kinds of articles, other ideas come to mind. I thought about email personalization, the importance of segmenting your emails with tags, building the expectation and anticipation before unveiling a new product, but these tips are already on dozens of other blogs! I preferred to share real feedback with you and I hope you will find it useful.

Mozambique Email List
Mozambique Email List

Email Marketers Have Since Discovered

In short, take the time to choose the tool that best suits your needs before you start email marketing. When writing your emails, write down several email subjects and make sure they have a touch of curiosity. Also tease your email to sell the click. Remember to respect the 8020 ratio, at the risk of saturating your subscribers. Too many promotions kill the promotion.Did you know that 90% of your website visitors leave it and never come back ? That’s a lot, don’t you think? In other words, part of your job is dedicated to attracting people who will never come back to your website. It’s not very motivating . I know some will think email marketing is dead, now people are on social media! Yes, it is, but it is far from sufficient.

If you rely on social media to attract traffic, you might be disappointed. The average organic reach of a Facebook page is less than 5% . Look at That’s not all. Look at this study conducted by Shareaholic which shows the decrease in traffic coming from Facebook. Conversely, studies show that emailing is 40x more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter. So no, email marketing is not dead! He is still doing very well Maintaining a Newsletter is an ideal opportunity to capture some of the traffic on your website to create a base of loyal visitors, who will return, week after week, to your site. Your Newsletter is very useful for communicating your new articles, exclusive content and of course promoting your offers free or paid to your subscribers.

Your Job Is Dedicated To Attracting people

In this article, I will show you, in 7 steps, how to use Facebook advertising a paid acquisition channel to gain new subscribers to your Newsletter. You will learn how to create an advertising campaign that runs all year round and allows you to build your email list day after day. Step 1 Choose a lead magnet The lead magnet is also known as the lead magnet . The lead magnet is simply a free offer that you give in exchange for the email address of your prospects. Without it, it’s difficult to build your email list. These days , no one gives out their email just to keep up to date with our news by email. You need to do a lot more to get email addresses today.

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