You saw it for yourself by reading this part, advertising retargeting can quickly become very complex . and a little twisted sometimes! If this seems too complicated to you, follow the following tip to drastically increase your chances of winning back visitors to your site 6 Offer a reduction or a promo code It’s hard to convince a stranger to come back to your website. By offering a promo code or a reduction, it is much less. I know you are probably reluctant to offer a discount. After all, promotions reduce your margins and the perceived value of your products. Let me ask you a question would you rather convert one more customer with a 15% promo code or lose them forever? You would be crazy to prefer the second option.

Even better, you can even offer a discount as a bait to collect subscribers to your Newsletter. This is very nifty when you know the value of a Newsletter subscriber the Newsletter is one of the only channels that are totally yours. 7 Reverse the message The problem with retargeting is that by referring the user to the same page they viewed a few days before, you can expect them to Croatia Phone Numbers List be no more interested than the first time around. For example, if you go to the download page for my guide to Facebook advertising , you will see that I describe in detail Why I created this guide What you will learn Why advertise Facebook In short, I’m basically using a logic-based post with a little technical jargon.


The Offer Is Much More Desirable

On Facebook and Instagram, you can also choose to include in your audience only people who have added a product to the cart. It’s a bit technical, but here’s how to do it in practice Now let’s add some spice to this example. Let’s say that I re-target all the people who have added a product to the cart in the last 60 days. At first glance, you might think it’s a good idea. The more people there are in the audience, the more likely we are to convert them into customers. Not so fast…! People who added a product to the cart more than 30 days ago may not even remember it, while those who took this action a few days ago remember it vividly.

They just need to be reminded! It is therefore more interesting to treat these people differently by creating several retargeting audiences and taking into account the time variable. Personally, I like to retarget people who have added products to the cart in the last 14 days . If after 14 days, they still haven’t bought after being exposed to my ads, it’s because they’re not interested On the other hand, I often re-target all the people who have added at least one product to the basket in the last 90 days, but not the last 14 days, to encourage them to come back with a video advertisement that presents new products .

There Is Precisely Something Very Annoying

Would also be crazy to offer discounts to all the people who visited your website without taking their actions into account. At a minimum, you should offer a promo code To convert abandoned cart into customers you were almost there . Retain your customers Some brands offer free delivery or a 10% or 20% promo code for new customers. Here is also a very well done advertisement for the Sézane brand which specifically targets those who have added a product to the basket, but have not bought a sequential retargeting strategy in due form! Moreover, there is no promo code on this one. Watch this ad now . The offer is much more desirable. The promotion is clear! TOMS offers you 15% to complete your order.

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