What are we doing at Rock Content to avoid falling into Color Washing?
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) have always been part of Rock Content’s values ​​since 2013, when we were founded. In 2019 we officially structured our Social Impact and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion areas .

At Rock Content, we treat the uniqueness of each person with due fairness and respect, listening carefully to all voices and acting to transform realities beyond our employees and consumers.

Therefore, social impact means sharing knowledge with underrepresented groups that are in positions of social and economic vulnerability, with a focus on gender, race, disability, and affective-sexual orientation, among others.

Therefore, is possible through the promotion of education, enabling inclusion in the Portugal Phone Number market and ensuring fairness in business. With these initiatives, we promote more employability opportunities and also socioeconomic growth.

In 2021, Rock Content impacted 20,000 people by donating Rock University scholarships to underrepresented groups. Today, 52.8% of the Rock


Content team is made up of women, and 49% of leadership positions are held by women.

In the same year, Rock Content took another important step in accelerating social change. Through Pledge 1% , Rock Content committed to donating 1% of share capital to education and employability initiatives and projects.

Avoid Color Washing
So, with all of Rock Content’s knowledge of how to really promote social change, here are some practices we can share to help you avoid color washing:

Be an ally every day It’s fine if you want to do something special for these dates

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 But don’t forget to show commitment 365 days a year.

Support education and opportunities for all. Showing solidarity through fundraising is also a plus.

Focus on giving space to those minorities. Create opportunities for them to grow within the company and improve their career.

Be consistent between your public image and your internal processes.

The lesson is very simple: it is useless to adapt a flag when you do not understand the nuances of what you are defending. If giving visibility to these minorities is a good idea, the change has to start from within. This is how you can effectively support a movement and go beyond what is “in”.

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