Of course, Meilleur Biens does not have a blog or YouTube channel, but since the launch of their network for professionals 2 years ago, they have had the intelligence to use press relations to build their reputation in the field. real estate sector. They began by obtaining appearances in specialized media such as ImmoMatin or radio-immo.fr. In recent months, they have mainly appeared on media better known in France such as Maddyness or BFM Business . Michael, the founder of Meilleur Biens, even won the pitch for the Tech & Co show on BFM Business and won over the 2 investors on the set. What a story ! I couldn’t have done what they did because I don’t feel comfortable with traditional media… nor do I have the money to pay myself a PR agency!

On the other hand, nothing prevents you from skillfully observing your competitors on the Internet and reproducing the strategies that work for them or finding unseen opportunities . Besides, let me tell you a Papua New Guinea Email List little anecdote. When I created my site 3 years ago now, the first thing I did was take a close look at the site of the entrepreneurs, consultants and trainers who were already doing what I wanted to do later. I knew everything about them: How they communicate on their website and social networks How they sell How their website is builEtc., etc. I knew a lot about them and it clearly helped me build my website and communicate on social media. I also had ideas for topics to cover on my blog. And if I had to do it again, I would do it again. Watching your competition is NOT a bad thing.

Papua New Guinea Email List
Papua New Guinea Email List

What do they look like?

How long have your competitors been advertising? Where do they advertise in the Facebook app network? What offers do they put forward? To find out this information, simply go to the Facebook ad library and search for your competitors’ Facebook Page. You will be able to observe all of their active advertisements … Take screenshots. Take notes and you can find out a lot about their Facebook advertising strategy . ( Read this my blog post to find out how to use Facebook’s ad library to effectively observe your competition’s ads.) SEMrush also allows you to observe your competitors’ active ads on Google (but it’s a paid service)! Observe their email marketing strategy So far, I’ve shown you how to analyze the tip of the iceberg: Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc.

These are word of mouth (online or offline), social media shares and mentions, product reviews, press relations, etc. Logically, you should invest as much as possible in owned media since they belong to you, but you should also not neglect paid media and earned media which are very powerful when used well (you just have less control over these media). So which allowance to choose? Unfortunately, I cannot do it for you. It all depends on your situation and the maturity of your business. If you’re starting out, you still need to stay focused on just a few marketing channels by following an allocation like this: 2 communication channels that belong to you ( owned media ) 1 communication channel for which you pay ( paid media ) 1 communication channel that you “earn” ( earned media ) Let’s take my example, as a (ex-) marketing consultant, so you can situate yourself.

Owned media How did you know me?

There is a good chance that you discovered me via my blog on Google or by discovering one of my re-shared articles on social networks. Since my beginnings, I have invested hundreds (if not thousands) of hours writing on my blog and improving my website. While I am getting help with producing social media content or improving the layout of my website, you can be sure of one thing: I have written every post on my blog from first to last. line. And I orchestrated all the graphics and visuals that you see on my site because I am sure of one thing: this site belongs to me. I have a second question for you. If you already know me (a little), how do you keep in touch with me? If I had to do a poll, I’m sure you would mostly mention my Newsletter .

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