They are generally more relevant because we can be targeted according to: Our interests and affinities Our behaviors Our socio-demographic characteristics Which is the complete opposite of Display advertisements which do not integrate well with the website that exhibits them: Site slowdown Approximate placement Lack of relevance (often) Etc. Several companies give you the opportunity to remarket. There is Google of course, via the Display and YouTube ads that you know very well. And of course, there’s Facebook and its entire ecosystem (Instagram, Messenger, Audience Network) where you can easily create audiences (groups of people) that you can retarget. The interest of doing your retargeting on Facebook is simple: your customers are there! Facebook is now more than 2.5 billion active users each month and Instagram has more than one billion.

The possibilities are numerous and are constantly evolving. I won’t be surprised that Facebook will soon be offering personalized audiences based on people who have answered a survey or viewed Instagram Stories . Now, I’ll show you how to find this board and create your own custom audience. Go to Ads Manager. This is the place where you create Facebook ads. Here is the link to Romania Email List access it . Once you are there, go to the “Audiences” tool. Then click on the button “create an audience” and then “Custom audience”. You should see the window that I already showed you: You notice that Facebook separates Custom Audiences according to: Your sources : your website, a list of customers, app activity or offline activity Facebook sources : videos, your professional Instagram profile, prospect forms, your Facebook events, an Instant Experience or your Facebook Page.

Romania Email List
Romania Email List

The person who visits a product page

For each strategy, I will give you one or more illustrative examples of advertisements to give you a little inspiration. 1) Retargeting of your blog readers Blogging is far from over! Businesses continue to blog to promote themselves and generate leads. According to Hubspot , 53% of marketers say blogging is still a top inbound marketing priority. It’s not bad already. And then, if you are not convinced, tell yourself that in any case 90% of visitors to a website leave it without ever coming back… (blog or not blog). Retargeting is like your second chance to “win back” a visitor who’s gone forever. In fact, your blog may be your best asset for increasing your website traffic , but also, and above all, for retargeting people who have not yet subscribed to your newsletter.

Since I am importing a list of prospects, I answered “no” and then clicked on the blue “Next” button. At this stage, all I need to do is import my prospect list and give my audience a name. I click on the blue “Next” button to finish creating my audience. Choose the email addresses column for the data mapping and click on the “Import and create” button to create your retargeting audience based on a list of customers. Facebook and its tool will match your data (email addresses or phone numbers) and its users. Expect to find 40 to 60% of the people in your customer file on Facebook . This estimate can, of course, vary if you are doing B2B. Once the audience is created, all you have to do is show ads to these people.

Which is the complete opposite of Display advertisements

It’s normal. 98% of website visitors don’t buy on their first visit. Besides, have you noticed that before buying a product on the Internet, you return several times to the same page to review the characteristics of the product / service and what it can bring you? Again, it comes back to the rule of 7. We are more likely to buy a product after seeing or listening to an advertisement at least 7 times. This is where Facebook retargeting comes in! As you can see, retargeting will help “bring” these people back to your sales pages. This is what Creative Live does . After watching one of their classes, I saw this ad appear in my news feed. The particularity: the course is on sale at -50%.

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