There are dozens of templates like this that are completely free … but you must be a Crello Pro user (the paid version) to download them. For example, you could issue a promo code in a rather original way. Needless to say, you can customize the text or colors of your animated image. For the rest, Crello is quite easy to learn. You choose the dimensions you want and you have hundreds of formats available to you for each marketing medium. I offer you a small video to better understand how Crello works. My opinion: Between Crello and Canva, there is only one step. The two are quite close to each other and I find it difficult to give my preference for one or the other. At first glance, Crello seems a bit more difficult to use than Canva (Crello contains a lot of very well-designed tutorials within the tool anyway).

I must also admit that I was blown away by the free templates provided by Crello, especially the animated designs which are all one of a kind. There is no doubt, Crello is a serious contender for Canva! 3) Animoto Animoto is my favorite tool for creating one of a Kenya Email List kind videos. Again, it was created for people like you and me who don’t feel like spending hours editing video. In addition, this tool does not yet seem very well known in French-speaking countries , which gives you an advantage over your competitors. Only downside, it is not free … but very cheap in my opinion. Let me introduce it to you first. Then I’ll tell you if it’s worth buying it. First of all, it is very interesting for companies who want to create animated videos for social media and their own advertisements.

Kenya Email List
Kenya Email List

The text or colors of your animated image

It also offers solutions for photographers who want to demonstrate their work in video and individuals who want to create slideshows from photos. How does the tool work? Kind of like Canva. You choose : A storyboard and a style (you have different templates depending on the video format you want to create) Personalization: add your own images, videos and text A display format (1: 1 or 16: 9) and a quality for your video (480p, 720p, 1080p) What I really like about this tool is that there are already video templates optimized for social media. You just have to modify them! Obviously, these templates are thought out in advance for each of your current goals or needs: Attract an audience : useful for promoting your content on social media Presenting a product or service : perfect for Facebook ads Tell Your Business Story.

Perfect for showcasing your business and what you do Make a promotion video Make a special video to celebrate an accomplishment When I’m in the video creation interface, the first thing Animoto asks me to do is choose a storyboard template or start from scratch. If I choose the “ Explainer ” category , I can find different storyboards for this need. In the event that I would like to present insights and statistics on my industry, I choose the storyboard already designed by Animoto for this purpose. If you look closely, Animoto’s drag and drop interface is quite similar to Canva’s. I won’t go into details, but you can customize this template as you see fit: Choose the style you want for your video (5 styles with different effects are available).

That there are already video templates

Change background music Add filter Put your own images and text Adjust the duration of each “block” of your video Add “blocks” Recently, Animoto embeds a bank of images and videos free of copyright. This is how I create these kinds of videos in just a few minutes. Should you invest in this software? YES, if you consider video to be important in your social media strategy . Do not hesitate. Invest! I recommend the “Professional” plan which offers the best value for money. The “Team” plan concerns agencies while the “Personal” plan does not really concern companies, but individuals who wish to create stuff. If you don’t feel ready yet, wait a little longer, but don’t delay because by 2021, 82% of global internet traffic will be represented by (projected) video . PS: If the price is really holding you back, you can always sign up for a free trial .

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