Do you need to keep a FACEBOOK PAGE for business purposes? Is Facebook one of the marketing channels for marketing your products and services? No doubt you also had the following questions while running the UK Phone Number List FACEBOOK PAGE. Also, be sure to read our Facebook Marketing Guide. Is it possible to change the name of the Facebook page? Can I change the url or username of my page? Can two different pages be merged? How to enable or disable the rating and feedback section? Can the dollar sign in the Facebook Shop be converted to MNT? How to see your Top Fan? Is it possible to post to Instagram from a computer? The Schedule option doesn’t appear in the post section?

How to Enable or Disable the Rating and Feedback Section

Digital marketing Question №1: Is it possible to rename a Facebook page? If you are the admin of your page, this is not a problem. Follow these instructions to change the page name in just 5 minutes: Click on the “About” tab on the left side of the page. In the “Name” section, click the Edit button. Enter your new name in the current field and click “Continue”. Click on the “request change” button and you will receive a UK Phone Number response within 3 days. See the example below. Why doesn’t the “Edit” button appear in the “name” field? You may not be the admin of your page. Recently changed another admin name The page repeatedly violated Facebook’s policy Why doesn’t the name change? How to solve it? Do not use vulgar or violent language.

If You Are the Admin of Your Page

Don’t use a variety of uppercase and lowercase letters, such as “THE BEST CAFE.” Instead, use uppercase and lowercase letters according to the correct spelling rules. Do not use characters such as ®. If used, remove it. Do not write comments or slogans. For example, don’t write “Nathouse Creative Social Media Marketing Agency – Best New Marketing News, Information and Marketing Services.” Instead, write it in the “About” section. If the name of your organization is really that long, send a request with a document. There should not be a single noun.

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