It is only after that that the magic operates of creating highly qualified personalized audiences based on the people who have seen the video. For a client, I implemented this strategy that I just showed you by creating a campaign with the objective of video views whose only objective was to broadcast an engaging video in Stories and the news feed, by targeting a very large audience. During the Summer Sale, I retargeted people who watched at least 75% of the videos featured with the first campaign, the cost per purchase is incredibly low after a week of running the retargeting campaign ! Remember that video ads are great for engagement and brand awareness , that is, the top of the conversion funnel people who don’t know you yet or have had too little exposure to your brand. .

The 7 day duration is a classic example, but it works in most cases. As a rule of thumb, if the Kiribati Email Lists person still hasn’t converted 7 days after seeing your ads, they probably won’t. Note that some advertisers choose longer or shorter durations for their retargeting audiences. It all depends on the length of the buying cycle. To finish, all you have to do is write one or more advertisements. Typically, advertisers present in their ads as reminders with video customer testimonials, case studies, content focused on customer benefits, content that addresses purchase objections, and so on. So much for the configuration of an evergreen campaign with the coverage objective. There are of course hundreds of possible evergreen campaigns depending on the scenario, objectives, etc.

Kiribati Email Lists
Kiribati Email Lists

The cost per purchase is incredibly low after a week of running

Your affinities what are you naturally good at and what format of content would you really like to produce? Note that I haven’t mentioned Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn yet. Right now, I’m just talking to you about producing pillar content on a platform and sticking to it. As you know, I have been producing my pillar content on my blog for 2 years and it has worked really well. Whatever we say, digital professionals always get a lot of information on blogs and good news, I’m good at writing! Others post their pillar content on YouTube and they are right! Vanessa Edwards publishes videos on human behavior, management, human relations and everything related to interpersonal communication. I have no doubt that his audience rather frequents YouTube to find out about it. From listening to a few of these videos, I quickly noticed that Vanessa has a natural talent for video.

The second step is to take this pillar content and distribute it in small pieces micro-content on social platforms Facebook, Instagram, IGTV, Medium, etc. For example, a blog post can turn into A one-minute video summary in the form of images and video clips great for getting shares on social media A face-to-face video in which you take up the different points of the blog article A Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn post that summarizes the conclusion of the article Of Stories Instagram a tip with Story One or more mini-articles on LinkedIn Publishing Just a week ago, I posted this article on LinkedIn Publishing. I mentioned the Facebook auction system. This is something I touched on in my article on the price of Facebook advertising .

Your affinities what are you naturally

When I started, live shows were very fashionable Facebook Live , Periscope and it was also the rise of YouTubers who have become stars today. We didn’t talk much about Instagram influencers yet, or even Instagram Stories since they didn’t yet exist! Back then, content creators still relied heavily on their blog and Facebook Page . Today blogging is saturated there are over a billion blogs in the world and Facebook has become a paid platform . Even Facebook Lives don’t have as much organic reach as they used to. Content creators have no choice but to step out of their comfort zone and exploit the platforms that are on the rise and that they don’t necessarily know about. Fortunately, there are several IGTV the platform is gaining users and Instagram now allows the addition of videos in slideshow format .

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