Facebook lets you choose between many ad formats Carousel Single image Single video Slideshow Collection Maybe the carousel ad format is my favorite. Facebook describes it as an interactive format where you can stream up to 10 images or videos , each with its own listing with a unique title, description, and link. The carousel format is more sales-oriented, especially for e-commerce owners. Here’s an example of a carousel ad Single video and image formats are the most classic and effective formats for lead generation . We see them so often that we pay less attention to them that’s only my opinion!. Finally, the collection and Instant Experience formerly Canva formats are more complex to implement and are more intended for online sale.

In this article, I will show you, in 7 steps, how to use Facebook advertising a paid acquisition channel to gain new subscribers to your Newsletter. You will learn how to create an advertising campaign that runs all year round and allows you to Niue Email List build your email list day after day. Step 1 Choose a lead magnet The lead magnet is also known as the lead magnet . The lead magnet is simply a free offer that you give in exchange for the email address of your prospects. Without it, it’s difficult to build your email list. These days , no one gives out their email just to keep up to date with our news by email. You need to do a lot more to get email addresses today.

Niue Email List
Niue Email List

The carousel format is more sales-oriented

For this reason, I prefer the good old method the advertisements with the objective conversions which allow to target in priority the users most likely to carry out a predetermined action on your website. In this example complete a registration form. Facebook has so much data on its users that it can predict the likelihood of a user’s action based on actions they have already taken on other websites. In other words, if you sign up for Newsletters regularly, Facebook will identify you among the people who have a high probability of completing a signup form. When you choose the conversions objective, you will also send people who click to a landing page . This is a page that presents your free offer and contains a form to enter your contact details. A classic.

Another targeting method that is also very effective is lookalike targeting. Lookalike audiences are audiences that include audiences that look like a source audience. They can be your customers, fans of your Facebook Page… or subscribers to your Newsletter. Of course, these are audiences that require to already have internal data email list, customer file, website traffic, etc. As we are looking to build our email list, I will create a Lookalike Audience from people who have already subscribed to my Newsletter. Learn how to create a Lookalike Audience by reading this blog post . Then the only thing I need to do is select my new Lookalike Audience in the Custom Audiences section. Be careful to leave the Advanced targeting section empty. Lookalike audience already understands the behavioral components and interests of your audience.

With the objective conversions which allow to target

So, you are free to click on Modify investments and select your investments. You should see this insert appear. These are all the places where your ads are likely to appear. If you are just starting out, I recommend that you select Facebook, Instagram, and the Messenger app instead. You can obviously remove Instagram if you think your audience isn’t there. After all, on Instagram, 59% of users are between 18 and 29 years old . To finish on the investments, know that you can know at a glance which are the investments that bring you the most results. So don’t worry if you can’t make up your mind, start wide with Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. You will then adjust Step 6 Choose the format of your Facebook ad Not all Facebook ads are the same.

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