Mobile and website apps fall under the category of marketing and they are not much different from each other. Of course, there are overlaps and differences that need to be known properly and both require unique and constant updates. If you use Sri-Lanka Phone Number the same marketing strategy for your app as on the site, you are missing out on great challenges and benefits. App stores and search engines vary greatly from each other and targeting your strategy becomes easy. It helps to take advantage of all it has to offer. SEO is one of the best-known terms for search engine optimization, which involves the process of optimizing the webpage to achieve top search engine rankings.

Use Keywords

You should be skeptical about using keywords, both in the app and in web marketing. No one is interested in reading texts that contain keywords that make no sense and have no value. But in the App Store, it is not necessary because it penalizes the use of unnecessary keywords. When writing short descriptions, you will only use one keyword to avoid maximizing characters. With the App Store, using keywords multiple times doesn’t affect descriptions anyway. There, the application description is not indexable, retaining most of the text. In Google Store, keywords are indexed with ASO impact.

Marketing Funnel

Sri-Lanka Phone Number List
Sri-Lanka Phone Number List

I’ Although ASO and SEO tools may vary, the processes are mostly the same. Because the end result turns out to be the same. Websites and apps are two different things as apps are mostly use for all mobile and tablet devices while web pages are also easily accessible on desktop computers. This is a generation of mobile users where many customers spend around 4 hours of their time on the phone. Many users need a tracking app before they go to the web to make the latest purchases. If someone is moving from one platform to another, the marketing strategy should be such that the unique user avoids making bad reviews and customer inquiries.

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