Finally, among the winning formats for a successful strategy: Instagram Stories , increasingly used by marketers and which today represent the 2nd most used format in influencer marketing. In fact, Stories generate more interactions between the influencer and his followers thanks to Q&A and Quiz- type functionalities , but also thanks to more “natural”, authentic and spontaneous content that invites communities to interact more. Finally, Stories guarantee a large number of conversions thanks to the powerful “call-to-action” of Swipe up which can redirect subscribers to a longer video, an e-shop or an access to enter a promo code. Sarah Levin Weinberg is Co-Founder and CMO at Stellar , a leading influencer marketing company that offers a suite of SaaS solutions and services for brands, agencies, media and celebrity agents in multiple countries – LVMH, Coty, Disney, RTL, Dentsu Aegis Network.

Sarah also gives lectures, master classes and courses on influencer marketing on social media. Also find Sarah on LinkedIn . Sarah Levin Weinberg CMO, Co-founder Stellar 19) Rudy Viard On Webmarketing Conseil, I sell support services and marketing and sales training for companies. In this context of B2B lead generation, the Japan Email List strategies that worked best were: Content marketing, but with fewer posts, but richer and more precise to take advantage of search engines Advertising campaigns on several levels (to attract, connect, evangelize then convert) and on several platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Google Display, YouTube and a first foray into LinkedIn Ads) Integrating webinars and video into my email sales funnel In contrast, on Les filles Fidèles, a wedding dress store set up by my wife (therefore, in a B2C e-commerce context), the most effective tactics were.

Japan Email List
Japan Email List

The influencer and his followers

The advertisements on Instagram to attract The Stories Instagram (overused) to speak to our audience Using Facebook & Instagram Messenger to Convert Rudy Viard is the founder of Webmarketing Conseil (275,000 visitors per month) and supports service providers, agencies, firms, consultants, coaches and trainers in their strategy of generating traffic and prospects on the Internet. Also find Rudy on LinkedIn . Rudy Viard Consultant and Trainer Webmarketing Conseil 20) Dan Noël “Whether it’s my business, my clients or my own digital presence, I see that the most relevant and consistent strategy is based on genuine commitment at all times within the community. ” Whether it’s my business, my clients or my own digital presence, I see that the most relevant and consistent strategy is based on genuine commitment at all times within the community.

Indeed, if I remain convinced that it is necessary to deliver a ton of value (Inspiration, Education & Entertainment) through all the channels and all the possible formats, these actions must imperatively be accompanied by an energy at all times to generate, develop and maintain a constant DIALOGUE with its audience. For example, the simple act of responding systematically to all comments on a post on LinkedIn by fueling the discussion in an authentic and constructive way. To respond, interact, engage with 100% of the audience which itself comes into contact with the brand (or the person) on Instagram. To take the time to send a personalized response to all the DMs received (audio or video is even better) … I know, you will tell me that it takes a lot of time, motivation and resources …

Facebook & Instagram Messenger

That your results will always be proportional to the energy you deploy to activate your Marketing Machine! #BeAStarter Dan Noël is Serial entrepreneur, Head & Muscles of the Starter Nation and CEO of Starterland . Also find Dan on LinkedIn . Dan Noel Serial entrepreneur, Design Sprint Facilitator, Digitalist 20 experts share the 20 best marketing strategies to test in 2021! CLICK TO TWEET Conclusion If you have reached the end of this article, well done! You are among the most motivated and the ones who will achieve the best results (yes, that’s right! I’m not just saying that to motivate you). There have been so many strategies shared and interesting lessons to take away that I wanted to give you a quick roundup to help you put everything you learned into place. 1) Spend part of your time on popular platforms like LinkedIn, podcasts or even YouTube.

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