Everything is there : Personalization : “Your favorites await you” Reminder of the offer : “Find our new collection, available 24 hours a day and renewed throughout the season”. Too bad there is no notion of urgency or scarcity. Details on the conditions of sending and return (reinsurance) : “Free delivery from 200 € of order and returns are at our expense” The “Buy” call-to-action button . You can carry out this type of advertising thanks to the Facebook catalog and only with the objective “catalog sales” 2) Friendlier advertising I found the name! Unlike the first ad, this one is less commercial. The brand uses a friendlier tone and it is obvious to the person who has already added the products to the cart that it is a friendly reminder that their cart is waiting for them on the merchant site.

In addition, social networks contribute to our purchases on the Internet. You know as well as I do that social networks are competitive. Need I remind you how low the natural reach of a Facebook post is today? Instagram (which is owned by Facebook) will suffer the Thailand Email List same fate. This brings me to tell you about what I know best: Facebook ads and Instagram ads. They represent an incredible growth accelerator for your e-commerce site, even today, in 2020. According to SEMRush , 50% of e-commerce sites invest $ 1000 or less in paid advertising campaigns. Facebook advertising is surely one of these investments. How do you use it without throwing your money away? This is the purpose of this article: to show you how to use Facebook and Instagram advertising to generate sales on your e-commerce site and retain your existing customers.

Thailand Email List
Thailand Email List

The natural reach of a Facebook post is today?

Connect directly to your e-commerce platform (if integration with Facebook exists) The 4th installation method is probably the most intuitive . For having already done so, it remains relatively simple and accessible on CMS like Shopify, Big Commerce or Wix. Each of these platforms has fairly comprehensive documentation to configure a product catalog in Facebook. I let you consult them or get help if you feel that it is beyond you! After installing your catalog, you also have the option of sorting it with product sets . You can, for example, create sets of products by category, price, brand or fully personalized (eg a selection of the best selling products). This way, you can choose to showcase very specific products, and not your entire inventory.

The fun part now The creation of your e-commerce advertisements. You won’t need to reinvent the wheel. A few lines of text are enough for your teaser. It is above all the visual that matters. The MVMT watch brand generates millions of dollars every month from Facebook advertising. What explains this success? The targeting or advertising? It’s largely the quality of their creative content. The targeting options are the same for all advertisers, not the ability to create high quality, creative content. Watch this ad. The image is of very high quality. The watch is shown both on the mannequin AND you immediately notice that it is shown large in the image so that you can observe it in great detail. When it comes to text, write hooks with clickable words and phrases like “new”, “discover our new collection”, “exclusive”, “now”, “enjoy”, and so on.

The creation of your e-commerce advertisements

The reasons can be many and really depend on what you are selling. Most often this relates to: Price Shipping or return conditions (e.g. return policy is unclear) A technical or practical aspect (e.g. choosing the right size, choosing the right model, etc.) Either way, this is also the time to show your personality and know that they have shown the urge to buy from your website. And we will also have to respond to these nasty objections to the purchase. Let’s analyze some examples to put it all into practice! 1) Carousel advertising The principle: dynamic advertising that shows you the product (s) you have viewed and dynamically suggests other products that you might like. One of the best examples I have to share with you is that of Sézane.

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