I am thinking in particular of Isabelle, Christopher, Jérémy Bendayan and Alexis Minchella who used these platforms to build their reputation, develop their network and find clients. Of course, don’t waste your time on LinkedIn if you’re selling lipsticks! In this case, go to Instagram instead. And when it comes to podcasts, remember that you can always look to be invited to other podcasts, rather than creating your own. 2) Think outside the box. What do the testimonies of Bruno, Marin, Alex, Jeremy Foucray, Pierre and Yann have in common? They all tested something different. Agorapulse has launched its virtual event (we don’t see that often). Alex Borto pre-sold an online training course even before creating it. In addition, he subdivided this training into 3 parts, so as to make a new launch as soon as part of the training is available.

Bruno has a very precise idea of his ideal client and uses LinkedIn to make a first contact with his target client. He then tries to meet him at physical events. Jeremy uses a Typeform questionnaire to collect both contact information from companies he wants to Jordan Email Address work with. His team also collects a lot of very useful data on the company doing the test. 3) Marketers are not that different from scientists. The example of Jérémy Bendayan reminded me of how much you have to think like a scientist when you are a marketer. How could Jeremy know which video ad was going to generate the most clicks and leads for his business? He couldn’t know it, so he tested 3 drastically different videos to see which one worked best. Brilliant! 4) We only improve what we measure.

Jordan Email Address
Jordan Email Address

That you can always look to be invited to other podcasts

Marketers know this very well. Christopher Piton really surprised me by showing how clear and measurable his objectives are, as well as all the indicators he follows to measure his progress on LinkedIn, the engagement of his posts, the posts that work best, etc. . Clearly, as a marketer you need to both be creative and innovate by experimenting with new things (as we’ve seen), but you also need to measure your tests to identify what works and what doesn’t . Thanks to these insights , you will be able to double your effort on the strategies that work best and replace the strategies that do not work with others. Marketing is a game that never ends! 5) Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. In this conclusion, I talked about thinking outside the box, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t experiment with marketing strategies.

That have already been proven to work for many companies like SEO ( Featured snippets and Topic Clusters ), inbound marketing, Facebook advertising (POWER5) or even Newsletters! If you need help putting all of these tips together, you can check out the links I put in each expert’s text. They redirect to articles on my blog. You can also download my marketing guides to learn how to use Facebook or Instagram advertising and be more convincing in writing.The job of community manager, managing social networks on a daily basis, REALLY takes a lot of time. Is not it ? First you have the production part. You need to find or create visuals (images, videos, etc.) that your fans will love to comment on.

You can also download my marketing

Then you need to post them on your social accounts with a nice description that encourages sharing. Ah… and I almost forgot. You must also monitor your social accounts on a day-to-day basis: respond to comments (quickly) and private messages. If you manage multiple accounts (say 5 to start with) it quickly becomes a nightmare. Fortunately, the Gods of social networks have thought of us. It turns out that there are web tools, most of them available in free version , that have the power to make managing your social networks extremely easy on a daily basis. With these tools, you will be able to quickly create beautiful images and professional video montages. Scheduling your posts will be a snap and monitoring your social media activity will never be a hassle again. In today’s article, I will introduce you to 10 community manager tools and how to use them.

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