but it is also for anyone who wants to achieve their goals in life. The author is an authority in this field and with this book he helps us discover our capabilities as a leader. 61. Your world on a napkin. dam roam An eminently practical book that teaches us to solve problems and express ideas in a simple. unpretentious way. through visual thinking and a fun approach. 62. The ZigZag principle. Rich Christiansen The author tells us an interesting strategy to learn to set goals in our personal and professional life and manage to transform and improve what we don’t like. 63. Live without a boss. Sergio Fernandez Lopez The author presents solutions to the 50 mistakes that entrepreneurs make the most.

A very practical text. full of proposals and. above all. realistic. A book that is already becoming a classic. 64. The money code. Raymond Samson This book teaches us to conquer financial freedom. This book Cyprus whatsapp number list explains applied financial intelligence. how to get through times of crisis. the vocabulary of wealth. how to turn talent into income. the 10 essential skills of an entrepreneur. and much more. 65. The leader who had no title. Robin S Sharma By following the advice in the book. you can be the best in your field. In conclusion, We can all be leaders and entrepreneurs must learn to develop their leadership skills to achieve the best in other people and in themselves. 66. A new mind.

This Brand To Achieve Success

Daniel Pink The author helps us to awaken and strengthen the necessary skills to undertake and innovate. with enthusiasm and without fear. He proposes a series of actions. mostly fun. that will become habits in a short time. without much effort and in a playful way. 67. Good luck. In conclusion, Alex Rovira Celma and Fernando Trias de Bes It is an inspiring and very positive book: a fable through which the keys to good luck and prosperity are revealed in both life and business. It exposes the 10 commandments to make good luck become an ally. The art of inventing professions. Serge Bulat It is a book that seeks to inspire entrepreneurs and workers so that they are attentive to changes in the work environment and can take advantage of them in their favor.

Cyprus whatsapp number list

Full of examples and practical exercises to apply every day. 69. Reboot. Jason Fried and David H. In conclusion, Hansson You don’t have to be a workaholic. or waste time with paperwork. meetings and thousands of inconsequential conversations. You don’t even need an office. What is needed is to stop talking and get to work and this book teaches how to be more productive. avoid working like crazy. not to go into debt and much more. 70. Leadership and empathy. In conclusion, Julia Middleton A leader should not be satisfied with dominating his field and expecting to be obeyed: a modern leader must be flexible. tolerant. open and have a great ability to put himself in the shoes of others.

Discovers The Five Secrets

This book compiles the teachings of various world leaders. 71. The work of the director. In conclusion, Carlos Ruiz Gonzalez In this must-have book for business duels. the author reflects on the role of leaders in the modern world. What are the challenges faced by those who run a company? It is a basic guide for any director who wants to achieve his goals. 72. Emotional Intelligence. Daniel Golemann Emotional intelligence should be a fundamental characteristic of any entrepreneur. With this book we will learn to dominate our mind. visualize goals. concentrate and fill ourselves with a positive attitude. 73. The 88 steps of success. Antonio Perez This book shows us its secret formula so that anyone learns to use the maximum potential of their brain.

According to the author “we use 1% of our brain. But we can access the remaining 99%.” 74. In conclusion, The main mistakes of Entrepreneurs. Charles White This book analyzes the typical mistakes of entrepreneurs: the tendency to distribute the company’s shares in equal percentages. to become obsessed with the idea of growing. the elaboration of business plans based on erroneous premises and incorrect metrics. In conclusion, among others. 75. The little red book of the sale. Jeffrey Gitomer An international Best Seller that includes the basic principles to become a great seller. A small book designed to take with you all the knowledge. wisdom. experience and passion of sales. Ninja Seller. Joshua Gadea This book contains totally practical content oriented to achieve results.

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