To maximize it, of course, you need to post on time , but above all, write engaging text. This is what I will try to teach you in this article 🙂 5 essential principles for writing social media posts As I told you, writing on social media is different from writing a blog post or pages on your site. In addition, it will be different from one social network to another. Writing on Instagram, for example, will be shorter and more casual than on Facebook or LinkedIn. From one social network to another, certain rules do not change. 1 adopt a relaxed tone You connect to social networks to relax. It has even become a reflex. You don’t go there to read philosophical texts. And so any posts that seem too serious, you’re probably going to skip them because they’re not suitable for your social media use. Companies must adapt to it by developing a tone that is both professional and relaxed.

This is already being felt a lot on their website… and even more so on social networks. Almost every day, a cookie like this pops up in my news feed along with a funny caption. This is the style of the brand, so why not reflect it on the Latvia WhatsApp Number List texts of their posts? In itself, it is very simple. Adopt a communication that looks like you on social networks . Some will like it, some won’t. This is how it is, you are not going to change the personality of your brand to please everyone! 4 Use the AIDA formula The AIDA Method is a copywriting formula that has spanned the ages and that all modern copywriters are very familiar with as well. If you don’t know her, let me introduce her to you. AIDA is an acronym for A for Attention capture the person’s attention obvious, I know!.

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According to Statista figures , 67% of users are over 25 years old . In other words, the Facebook audience is not as young as it used to be. The question we also ask ourselves is What does this audience really want? According to this study by Buzzsumo and after analyzing 777 million Facebook posts , it seems that Facebook users like to laugh a lot and give love. It’s not so surprising when you consider that most people go to Facebook to see what their friends and family are up to. Mari Smith , a Facebook marketer, advises writing posts that educate and entertain your audience . The idea is to teach them something useful, and to do it in a fun or enjoyable way.

You’re a business and you probably won’t have the same engagement rates without giving a little context to the photos or videos you post. The problem is, Instagram users don’t go to the platform to read long descriptions . Some bloggers or influencers still manage to use the caption of their posts to micro-blog and get good engagement rates. You should know that only a minority of your subscribers will read the description to the end. In addition, the caption of an Instagram post is limited to 2200 characters. I can tell you that we reach them very quickly as soon as we start writing a little. As a general rule, you should keep the caption of your Instagram post short and punchy .

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Facebook’s algorithm favors posts that are commented on and shared. He is not the only one, the algorithms of Instagram and LinkedIn work the same way. Let’s take a look at, for example, how the LinkedIn algorithm works, which is perhaps a little less understood than those of Facebook and Instagram. Source Tiz The post is shown to some of your connections first and if it gets feedback Likes Comments Shares Speed of interactions If it doesn’t get any or very few reactions, the post will simply not appear in the news feed. If it obtains an interesting interaction score , it will be sent to the editors of LinkedIn who will then decide if The post is being shown to more users The post is not to be seen further In other words, the initial engagement on your post is extremely important.

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