The procedure for adding an advertising account to a Business Manager is quite similar to that for adding a Facebook Page, but with a few nuances. First, what is an advertising account? An advertising account allows you to advertise Facebook. To pay Facebook and receive invoices, you must have an advertising account. This is why you will never be able to advertise with your Facebook Page. Moreover, an advertising account is absolutely NOT linked to a Facebook Page. It can only be linked to a personal profile or a Business Manager. As there is a good chance that it is already linked to your Facebook profile (I was too), I will show you how to link it to your Business Manager (your new professional account). As for adding a Page, this time click on the blue button “Add an advertising account”.

You could imagine an email in the morning of Black Friday at 9:30 a.m. and a second one a few hours before the end of the promotions, at 6 or 7 p.m. on the last day for example. Personalize your emails and maybe consider sending special offers to Vatican City Email List your VIP customers (those who bought for X € at least) a few days before. For the record, Kajabi did offer me his superb Black Friday offer, as you can see by reading the very first lines of this email. Last year I also received a last chance email from Adidas. The subject line: “Last chance! Black Friday weekend ends tonight ” . We notice a countdown and classic expressions to provoke the purchase: “Ends tonight” “Online exclusivity” ”

Vatican City Email List
Vatican City Email List

What is an advertising account?

Other than increasing the budget for the campaigns that work best, you don’t have to do anything else from a marketing standpoint. It is especially on weekends that you will have to cut the campaigns that did not work, test new audiences (larger and more targeted) and vary the messages as Cyber ​​Monday approaches. For example, for Cyber ​​Monday, do not hesitate to clearly announce that the promotions end “tonight” and that they will no longer take place “until next year”. 7) retarget and send follow-up emails for abandoned carts I was telling you that 7 out of 10 people end up abandoning their shopping cart… This is a pretty scary statistic for e-merchants. Tell yourself that during Black Friday, this ratio must be even higher. Why ? During Black Friday, consumers have a shorter attention span.

In addition, all these work resources are attached to your Facebook profile which is supposed to be a place where you relax and chat with your loved ones (not ideal for separating your professional and personal life). The idea of ​​the Business Manager is to centralize in one place all the people who work with you and all the resources you own (Facebook pages, advertising accounts, Facebook pixels, catalogs, etc.) within Facebook. This is what it looks like (old version) for a business with multiple Facebook Pages and multiple ad accounts. In the Business Manager, you will only find the resources of your company such as your advertising accounts, your Facebook Pages (if you have several), your product catalogs and the people who work in your company / agency.

The campaigns that did not work

This ALSO means that it is no longer linked to my personal profile. I should therefore systematically connect to the Business Manager or the “Facebook Pages” application on mobile to manage my Page. Look, this is exactly what Facebook tells me if I try to manage my Page on Good news, all notifications of reactions, comments, shares or mentions will now appear in the Business Manager (and no longer on my personal profile!). Obviously, you can continue to manage your Facebook Page from your personal account (and therefore not attach it to your Business Manager), but be aware that some features of your Business Manager will be unavailable if you do not add a Main Page … The ball is in your camp. Add an advertising account to your Business Manager.

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