Section to help you. Or you can learn all of these skills in Facebook Ads Academy 2.0 , my most comprehensive, completely revised and updated Facebook Advertising training, which will open in just a few days. For an entire week, I will email you exclusive advice on Facebook advertising and I will also host a web conference that covers the strategic and technical aspect of Facebook advertising to sell continuously.Did you know that in 2006 Amazon attributed 35% of its revenues directly to upsells and cross-sells present on the merchant site? I’m talking about the recommendations that Amazon gives you for each product you want to buy. Often they come in this form. Even better known, Amazon also offers you “products that are frequently bought together”. These innocent suggestions allowed Amazon to generate 35% of its revenue in 2006.

In fact, salespeople have been using these sales techniques over the phone for ages … The same questions that the innocent young saleswoman in a shoe store will always ask you before or after your purchase: “Would you also take one of our cleaning products to Cayman Islands Email Addresses take care of your new shoes?” ” Or that question that every employee who works at McDonald’s asks all day long: “Do you want the extra fries?” ” In this article, you will learn how to consciously use these sales techniques on your e-commerce site. We will first define and differentiate between upsell and cross-sell techniques. Next, I’ll give you 5 common e-commerce use cases and how to apply them to your site. Definition of upsell In its most basic definition, upsell is a sales technique that involves encouraging a consumer to buy more than they originally planned!

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Cayman Islands Email Addresses

Technical aspect of Facebook advertising

Salespeople and traders love to use this sales technique because it increases the average shopping basket, the overall value of a customer and ultimately their income. I fully agree that this technique might sound a bit manipulative to you defined that way, but it isn’t at all as long as you consider that upscaling (or up selling) to be something that adds value. to your customer. This added value can be presented in many forms: Superior quality Better comfort Time saving Faster results Additional protection Do you want some examples? Among the best known, we find the menu in all fast food restaurants. You come initially to buy a hamburger and you leave with the menu which contains the drink and the fries in addition. The menu is the perfect representation of the move upmarket .

You eat more than you originally planned, but you are happy because you ate more for a few euros more… (gluttony)! Another example that often comes to mind is buying a car from your dealership. You may have already gone to your dealership to purchase a specific model of car. For example, the Audi A3. And you finally leave with the Audi A4 which is a little bigger (and a little more expensive), but ultimately better meets your needs. For the car, adding additional options (eg: leather seats, sunroof, more powerful engine, etc.) or choosing a sporty model (eg: Audi S3) would also constitute an upsell! Please note: always keep your customer’s needs in mind . Even being the best seller in the world, you won’t be able to sell a sports car (€ 50,000) to someone looking for an entry-level sedan (€ 25,000).

Do you want some examples?

I will give you one last example of upsell before moving on to the definition of cross-sells: warranty extensions and consumer protection plans. Apple is well known for offering extended warranties with privileged customer support for both businesses and individuals. As an individual, you are entitled to a 2-year warranty on electronic products. On the other hand, companies are only entitled to a one-year warranty on electronic products like those offered by Apple. That’s why Apple offers AppleCare to offer you additional protection in the form of an extended warranty as well as privileged support in the event of a problem. A good physical store salesperson will offer you AppleCare the moment you buy. On an e-commerce site, it’s the same principle, but executed differently.

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