income neighborhood and has all those products that anyone would like to have: designer clothes. high-end cars. electronic equipment. exclusive furniture. etc. They seem to be a happy family and their lifestyle quickly makes them the center of attention of their neighbors. but the reality is that the Joneses are not a family. they are employees of an advertising agency. Everything they own has been put there by the company as part of the sales plan: hire a fake family to show the products. tell others about their benefits and take them shopping. What we learn from The Joneses : You don’t need to tag “for sale” or “buy now” to encourage purchase.

The customer does not like to be sold products. he likes to live experiences. The Joneses made the products desirable because they fairly sold the Ecuador whatsapp number list experience. Consumers are willing to pay for something. even when they don’t need it. but only when it offers added value. 6. Never lie to the customer – Crazy People This is a rule of sales and customer attraction that every entrepreneur should keep in mind. Crazy People ( Gente Loca ) talks about a publicist who spends time hiding the negative side of the products in order to increase sales; however. one day he decides to change his way of working and reveal everything that he was forced to omit before.

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Due to this. he is admitted to an insane asylum and when it seemed to be the end of his career. he meets a patient who shares his ideas. Together they decide to create an advertising agency that is characterized by telling the whole truth about what they sell. What we learn from Crazy People : The client investigates today more than ever about the brands and products he consumes. Therefore. speaking the truth to them will be essential to gain their trust and fidelity. Today’s consumers are not only “won” by what you tell them. but also by what others say about your brand . Worry about the quality of what you offer because people will say that “not so good” about you.

Ecuador whatsapp number list

Deception at the expense of sales is a high cost that your company will not be able to pay. Your reputation and prestige will be affected and you will undoubtedly lose market opportunities. 7. Impress from the get-go – Tommy Boy I’m sure that just by seeing the trailer for this film they will die of laughter. Tommy Boy tells the story of Tommy Callahan Jr.. a bum who. after spending seven years in college. returns home from his father who has him a position as an executive in the family company dedicated to the sale of car parts. . Following the sudden death of his father. The first thing you should ask yourself is what your business goal is.

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If today you only need to sell before positioning your brand. then what you need is to establish an SEM strategy. In this way. your campaign will reach the user who searches for a product or service related to their interest. On the other hand. if your goal is to achieve a solid positioning of your website. In the medium and long term. the SEO strategy fits the bill. Remember that the duration of the results through SEO can be permanent. While the SEM performance lasts depending on the time and type of investment made. For both strategies. it is important to offer original and valuable content or advertisements that make the public prefer you. that within all the possibilities that Google offers. they click on your website.

Are you ready to put everything you learned into practice? If you want to establish an SEO strategy for your business. I can help you set your goals and improve the positioning of your website. Surely the title aroused the interest of more than one. SEO who calls himself or markets himself as an expert in. Seo on social networks or blogs (which. like paper. endures everything. without offending). But I also think it has piqued the curiosity of some mortal. Outside this world of digital competition. Who has heard something about it and wants to know more. It is to them that I want to address. because the SEO expert. I think he already knows everything… that’s what he says. What is SEO and what is it for?

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