Diversity done right
Fortunately, we can still see some great examples of how to be truly diverse. Adobe has launched an initiative that spans its own company culture, hiring diverse talent from a wide variety of backgrounds. They also participate in forums, conferences and donate to fundraising activities.

One of its biggest initiatives was the Adobe For All Summit launched in 2019. The focus of the event was to share best practices and updates on diversity and inclusion strategic progress.

The lesson is: before carrying any flag, you first need cohesion within your company through tangible actions, creating a culture between all levels of your organization .

Other forms of Washing Color
The issue doesn’t just apply to Pride Month. There are other forms of Color Washing besides Rainbow Washing.

First, let’s understand Color Washing as an umbrella term for the profit-driven practice of corporations misleadingly communicating unsubstantiated values ​​in products and services in order to better attract and market them to socially and environmentally conscious consumers, as defined in The Sustainable Fashion Matterz .

With this order of ideas, we can establish the main forms of Color Washing.

Pink Washing
It is widely used on LGBTQIA+ occasions. However, it can also be related to female empowerment, where it promotes a feminist facade while having exploitative or unequal wages towards women.

green washing
This speaks to delivering misleading messages about sustainability practices. It occurs Morocco Phone Number when a brand calls itself “eco-friendly” but still fails to be

Brown Washing sustainable in its processes.

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This phenomenon was very common during the Black Lives Matter debate during 2020. It appeals to black, brown, indigenous or people of color. It happens a lot when a company seems to support this community but does not implement internal practices to empower them.

white washing
It is when a brand is somehow related to a tragedy and does not take responsibility for what happened. An example of this is what happened at the Rana Plaza Collapse , where the building collapsed due to a series of engineering and administrative failures. The tragedy reflected the importance of restructuring the Fashion Industry. Criticism arose when, even years after the tragedy, the retailers involved failed to compensate the victims and their families, or take steps to improve workplace infrastructure.

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