The surprise for many is that the logo of the Fédération Française de Football (FFF) will no longer have one star (as before). nor two (as expected after winning the title in Moscow). From now on. the FFF shield will not have any stars. What they have decided to do is create a logo for the federation and variants of it for the teams it represents: the senior and youth teams. both for women and men. In these cases. the stars will vary according to the number of cups obtained. the federation explained in a statement . Beyond the star detail. the FFF logo has been modernized. particularly in terms of colors and typography. Now he represents all the teams in France. Logo of the French.

Also. most of the gradients were removed and the red was reduced to a small spot at the bottom of the gold frame. The hexagon now has a different shape and the font of the three “F” is much simpler. Logo of the Senior Cayman islands whatsapp number list Men’s National Team of France. the one that won the cup in Russia. As for the logo of the men’s senior team . the one that won the title in Russia. it also includes the word “France”. the three “F’s” in gold and. in this case. yes. the two stars. It doesn’t have any red on the frame. Italy Before knowing whether or not it qualified for the 2018 World Cup. Italy renewed the image of the soccer federation and the shield that they will now wear on their shirts. From its Instagram account.

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In this order of ideas. for brands it represents a great opportunity to gain space and scope. which is not wasted. Some audience figures make clear the power of said tournament in terms of marketing. In Mexico alone. the final between Real Madrid and Liverpool was seen by more than 4.5 million people. according to data from HR Media. For this reason. it is not surprising that the brand value of the UEFA Champions League is valued at more than 185 million dollars . according to estimates by Forbes. since the income of the UEFA Champions League during the 2016-2017 season amounted to more of 2 thousand 089 million dollars . according to data from the continental body.

Cayman islands whatsapp number list

From sponsorships and half-time spots. to activations that remain in the memory. the actions are diverse. How to keep in touch with your co-workers while working remotely However. perhaps one of the most coveted positions is the one that can be obtained by being the image of the ball. the same one that Adidas now has on its court. The ball with which each of the matches is played guarantees certain levels of exposure while becoming an item that fans want to have. Without a doubt. he is one of the players that generates special expectations and when we talk about the ball that will star in the next edition of the Champions League.

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The departure of Daniel Ricciardo from Red Bull to. Renault will generate a cascading effect in the. Formula One teams. something that will modify the commercial alliances with the sponsors. The summer break of the 2018. Formula One campaign is experiencing even hotter moments than some of the. Grand Prix held so far. mid-season. and the arrival of. Australian driver Daniel Ricciardo at Renault from Red. Bull generated beyond of surprise. it will generate a domino effect on the grid. Despite being. until now. the only confirmed movement. The rumors about the arrival of some and the departure of others in the teams.

The transfer has already been confirmed by both clubs. After Bayern’s morning practice this Friday. “King Arthur”. as he is nicknamed. shared with his teammates and said goodbye to them. “Arturo Vidal” became a trend on the networks and searches skyrocketed on Google. GoogleTrend. in the America’s Cup Arturo Vidal is not a player classified as “orderly”. In 2015. during the Copa América in Chile. which he would later win. he had an accident with his Ferrari . He had minor injuries and was able to continue playing. The French Football Federation. whose team won the 2018. Russia World Cup. presented a rebranding of the organization and its teams. France was the world champion team in

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