They will get from participating in your article! This year, I did it again and I improved my approach to make contact with experts or influencers that I did not know. You notice that the message is much shorter and to the point. If the project interests the influencer I am targeting, he will surely ask me to give him more details on the article. Once the article was published, I sent an email to Djibouti Email List warn each influencer and the majority of them of course re-shared my article on social networks or their Newsletter. In 2 weeks, this article I am telling you about has been viewed more than 8,326 times! Honestly, it wasn’t even the views that interested me, but rather the connections and partnerships that I’m going to be able to forge with the influencers who contributed to my article.

Don’t ask for a favor, rather render a favor I was saving this tip for last because it’s so powerful: doing the influencer a favor or giving them something, rather than asking them a favor. I learned this lesson 3 years ago when I started my blog. When I started writing, I contacted influencers and experts to let them know that I cited them in my articles or guides . At the time, I contacted Olivier Lambert (who is still today one of the best-known marketing bloggers in the French-speaking world) to let him know that I mentioned him in my guide to Facebook advertising . I was not even expecting to receive a response from this message. I knew he was already getting messages like this every day! Finally, I received a response fairly quickly from his assistant, Marie-Pierre.

Djibouti Email List
Djibouti Email List

Once the article was published

Olivier also answered me and offered me in return to write on the blog La Tranchée even though I had not asked for anything! (I admit that I had thought about it.) Keep in mind that all of this was still very new to me at the time and that the simple fact of being invited to Olivier Lambert’s blog was a huge honor. Thanks to this first contact, I was able to collaborate on other occasions with Olivier to produce content and live broadcasts. So what kinds of services could you provide to influencers you would like to work with? It all depends on their needs and situation , but here are some ideas: Share their content and mention the influencer Write a review of their work (if they have written a book) and let it be known.

Recommend their skills on LinkedIn Find an error on their site and notify them Respond to a need or help them resolve an issue they have publicly complained about Offer your products for free without any compensation (rather than asking them to pay to have their picture taken with your products) On this last point, I know that many young brands have applied this strategy by offering the influencer to send them their products for free if they are interested, without any compensation. Most influencers appreciate this kind of gesture and end up giving an opinion on the product they have received in a video or post because they feel indebted to the brand ( principle of reciprocity ). Of course, this strategy only works if you are sincere and don’t expect anything in return.

I was able to collaborate

That goes without saying ! Conclusion It was a long article. Hope you find it helpful to contact any influencer and get a favorable response (whatever your request is). To conclude this article, I would like to highlight several things. Before contacting anyone for a collaboration, take the time to do your research on the person to get to know them better and understand what they really want. Remember, if you don’t know what the other person wants, how can you offer them something that would interest them? Also, spend time building genuine relationships with influencers you’d like to collaborate with before asking them for a favor. We’ve seen that influencers are busy people, but not oblivious to those who care about them. To be interesting, be interested! Finally, favor long-term partnerships with your influencers.

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