Note You can do the same job for lead generation ads by excluding people who filled out your form. 5 sequencing your ad retargeting The idea behind a sequential retargeting strategy is to separate your audience into sub-segments according to Contact points actions on the site, number of pages visited, pages viewed, etc. The weather A classic example of sequential retargeting for an ecommerce site is separating people who saw a product from those who saw the product, but added it to the cart. Looking at a product and adding a product to the cart are two different behaviors . The intention to purchase is stronger when you add a product to the cart, even if it has become a reflex to select the products you prefer?

Even better, you can even offer a discount as a bait to collect subscribers to your Newsletter. This is very nifty when you know the value of a Newsletter subscriber the Newsletter is one of the only channels that are totally yours. 7 Reverse the message The problem with retargeting is that by referring the user to the same page they viewed a few days before, you can expect them to Cameroon Phone Number List be no more interested than the first time around. For example, if you go to the download page for my guide to Facebook advertising , you will see that I describe in detail Why I created this guide What you will learn Why advertise Facebook In short, I’m basically using a logic-based post with a little technical jargon.


Create An Audience Of People Who Bought

In this article, I suggest you set the record straight by debunking these myths one by one. I’m talking about demolishing them because these myths prevent you from using Facebook advertising to serve your business and that’s a shame when you know how much attention is undervalued on Facebook! Myth 1 It takes a lot of money to run Facebook advertising campaigns I wanted to start with the question of the budget because it is always something sensitive. Yes, it takes money to advertise Facebook! But, how much? And above all, what do I mean by a lot? For me, a lot is more than 1000 €. For others, it might be € 500 or even € 300. So what is the truth? How much should you invest? In reality, it depends .

Repeatability is seen by dividing impressions total number of times your ads have been viewed by coverage number of people reached. Finally, make the effort to create multiple ads to reach your audience. Vary the texts messages and especially the formats images, videos, carousel . The idea is to have multiple ads that look different to make it seem like you are adopting a different speech with each ad while the end goal is the same. These are basic, but already useful, tips to beat your ad repetition. 4 exclude buyers from your retargeting audience If there is precisely something very annoying, it is to review an advertisement for a product that you have already purchased.

You Can Easily Exclude From An Audience

On Facebook and Instagram, you can also choose to include in your audience only people who have added a product to the cart. It’s a bit technical, but here’s how to do it in practice Now let’s add some spice to this example. Let’s say that I re-target all the people who have added a product to the cart in the last 60 days. At first glance, you might think it’s a good idea. The more people there are in the audience, the more likely we are to convert them into customers. Not so fast…! People who added a product to the cart more than 30 days ago may not even remember it, while those who took this action a few days ago remember it vividly.

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