This book teaches us step by step how to become expert negotiators. 92. Pills to undertake. Juanma Romero This book collects more than 300 key tips from entrepreneurship experts in different subjects such as communication. economics. management. innovation. etc. It offers useful information and solutions in small practical pills. easy to apply and written in a familiar language. 93. Learning from the best: your personal development is your destiny. Francisco Alcaide Smart people learn from the experience of others. In this book there are reflections and phrases about personal development. business and team management. but also about life itself.

The lessons are from the likes of Steve Jobs. Dale Carnegie. Napoleon Hill. Robert Kiyosaki. Deepak Chopra and many more. 94. Good to great. Jim Denmark whatsapp number list Collins Why are some companies successful and others not? What is the key for a business to go from normal to great? The author explains how to overcome obstacles and exceed expectations to stop being one of the crowd. 95. The man who traded his house for a tulip. Fernando Trias de Bes The author sets out what we can learn from economic crises and how we can prevent them from happening again. He clearly explains why they happen and the dynamics that keep them going.

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The camouflaged economist. Tim Harford Why do we pay at Starbucks for a cup of coffee triple what we would pay at a simple coffee shop? The author explains how companies will try to exploit current consumer dynamics and how we can protect ourselves. A fun and entertaining book to understand the world through the economy of small things. 97. The power of habits. charles duhigg This investigative journalist brings to the general public the conclusions of the most recent psychological and neurological findings on the formation of routines. The result is a text that demonstrates how the adoption of a single key habit can radically transform our personal.

Denmark whatsapp number list

corporate and social lives. 98. In conclusion, The essence of marketing. Cesar Perez Carballada This book explores solutions to current marketing problems. with theory and practical cases. Speaking about brand management. innovation and strategy. this work becomes a basic manual for those starting their path in the business world. 99. Ideas that stick. Chip Heath and Dan Heath This book gives us the keys we need to effectively communicate ideas. It offers 6 keys to influence people. changing their ways of thinking or attitudes towards that star idea that we are selling them. 100. The traps of desire. dan ariel Knowing how to make decisions effectively is a very useful skill for any entrepreneur.

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This book reveals the truth about how we make our daily decisions. as consumers and as citizens. In conclusion, The author provides surprising new insights into human nature that will help the reader make better decisions in their personal and work lives. What can we learn from movies about strategies to attract customers and generate sales ? The seventh art is a world that. in addition to being entertaining. can help us as inspiration for our endeavors or offer us valuable material to put into practice. In conclusion, Today I wanted to go back to the movie theater and “dig” a little in those films that leave us some lessons on how to attract customers and improve profits.

I hope that this selection of 7 movies is to your liking and that if you haven’t seen them yet. get your corn and drinks ready because I’m sure they will help you grow your business. In conclusion, Captivate with the experience and sell the solution – Joy This is a recommendation made by one of our readers. This film. based on a true story. tells how Joy Mangano. In conclusion, a humble worker and mother of three children. invents a very practical tool for housewives: the Miracle Mop . In order to achieve success . Joy went through great obstacles. until one day she managed to get a television space to promote her product. However. the beginning was a complete failure and before her imminent fall. Joy decides that she will be the one to show the viewers the benefits of her product. In just 20 minutes of television time.

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