That will help expand companies’ social inventory around the world for marketers, the companies said in their statement. Twitter will also provide broader sales support for the network’s advertising partners, according to a statement of the agreement. The companies have teamed up on a smaller scale in the past, but this is their first global effort. NBCUniversal said that since it began its partnership with Twitter in 2013, both companies have experienced significant growth and engagement. Total campaign growth exceeded 10 times the trajectory and last year, video views, for all NBCU

Twitter users, grew 26 percent, the company added. “In this difficult time, the purpose of Twitter is proving more vital than ever. We are helping the world Cambodia whatsapp number list  stay informed and we are giving people a unique way to stay together or simply entertain them and remember our connections, “Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said today in the financial report. Of the revenue obtained during this first quarter of 2020, 682 million come from advertising, and Twitter indicated that the total interaction (engagement) by ads increased by 25 percent compared to the previous year, although the cost per interaction (CPE) decreased by 19 percent compared to 2019.

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Hopefully this new alliance between the social network and the television network will be a guideline so that Twitter does not get bogged down in profits. It could be the beginning of a new way of televising trends, a hybrid experience emulating streaming, but in real time. It may be to the liking of users. Streaming competition is still tough, Disney+ is following the trend since the release of WandaVision and The Mandalorian set a huge trend last year, trending to the point where “Baby Yoda” is already etched into our subconscious, this makes Netflix not want to be left behind. On the other hand, Disney +, in its first year of life, has gathered 86.8 million viewers.

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This data was collected until the month of December, compared to the barrier of two hundred million subscribers (203.7 million, to be exact). , from Netflix. However, this still fights for its original content to be seen. With platforms like plus hot on Netflix’s heels, don’t be surprised if your app sounds better the next time you binge on an Android phone. Netflix has updated its Android app to stream audio in xHE-AAC (Extended HE-AAC with MPEG-D DRC), promising “studio-quality” sound that’s also more consistent, which is to say you should enjoy it more often than not. places. Related notes: Netflix does not give up: exceeds 200 million subscribers My dream job.

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The soap bubble artist The new format offers a variable. Bitrate that can improve audio quality when your connection allows. It and reduce it when you’re on an unstable cellular link. Meanwhile, loudness management prevents sudden changes. In volume (when watching an action movie to a drama). And compensates for noisy environments. Without the risk of clipping louder sounds in content. You will be able to listen to the protagonists on your phone without having to strain to understand the dialogue. You will need at least Android 9 Pie to use xHE-AAC. While this isn’t as helpful as it could be when you’re likely to be. Watching at home during the pandemic, it could. Be important if you’re determined to finish a show

in bed. At the very least, it might save you from having to reach for your headphones in louder environments. Support for the xHE-AAC codec is now available within the Netflix Android app. Also that the mobile offers sufficient quality in the sound hardware. On the other hand, a survey of the Nielsen-Ibope Digital. Consumer 2020 is clear regarding the preference that Mexicans feel for. Netflix, since 90 percent of them prefer this streaming service. Followed by YouTube (83 percent), Amazon Prime (46 percent) and

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